DecoCeiling™ - Aluminium Suspended Ceiling Panels


Enjoy design flexibility, longevity and acoustic performance with DecoCeiling™'s unique ceiling panel system.

Combining the fire-resistant properties of non-combustible aluminium, the function of CSR Martini acoustic performance backings and a wide range of finishes and patterns to choose DecoCeiling™ is the ultimate ceiling tile to bring your perfect design to life.


    • Available now: unlike timber, there is no shortage of aluminium. DecoPost is stocked and ready to ship to you right away
    • Low maintenance: no sanding, painting, staining or refinishing
    • Non-combustible: complies with the National Construction Code, AS1530.3 and AS1530.1
    • Durable: Super Durable™ finish will not corrode in beachfront applications
    • Easy to install: lightweight and dimensionally stable for a streamlined install process
    • Quality finish: 4 beautiful DecoWood® finishes to choose from or a primer coat option
    • Versatile: use a range of outdoor structures and landscaping designs
    • Australian made: DECO is entirely Australian owned and operated
    • Quality: 12 year warranty in accordance with AS 3715

      DecoCeiling™ Patterns

      • Classic and contemporary perforated designs
      • 1200mm length
      • 600mm width
      • Height/Depth: 65mm
      • Custom perforation patterns available, tailored to your design specifications

      Colour Range

      With over 150 DecoWood® woodgrain finishes, our exclusive DecoVogue™ range and almost limitless solid colours, the design opportunities are virtually endless.

      Contact us for a free sample of your chosen finish.

      DecoCeiling™ Gallery

      Click image to enlarge.

      How to order DecoCeiling™

      Contact our DECO team to discuss your project or to order on 02 9603 1888 or email

      Contact us about your project

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