DecoBatten - Timber-look Battens & Beams


Achieve effortless architectural style with the cool, clean and contemporary lines of DecoBatten.

Aluminium battens replicate the form, feel and appearance of luxurious timber with the Super Durable DecoWood powder coating. Use smaller DecoBattens vertically for a floating fence, or create a statement piece with oversized beams.

  • Effortless: no sanding, painting or staining
  • Range: batten sizes from 32 x 32 mm to 300 x 50 mm
  • Lightweight and easy to install: do-it-yourself installation system designed for beginners
  • Non-combustible: suitable for bushfire-prone areas and tested to AS3837
  • Marine grade: will not corrode in beachfront applications
  • Concealed fixing enhances the sleek timber styling
  • Choose from 30 DecoWood timber grains including Cedar, Chestnut and Weathered Timber
  • Australian made: Decorative Imaging is entirely Australian owned and operated
  • Available Australia wide
  • 12 year warranty in accordance with AS3715

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What size battens are available?

DecoBatten is available in one-piece and two-piece systems and a range of sizes:

One-piece square sizes:
20 x 20 mm SHS
32 x 32 mm SHS
40 x 40 mm SHS
50 x 50 mm SHS
65 x 65 mm SHS
75 x 75 mm SHS
90 x 90 mm SHS
100 x 100 mm SHS
150 x 150 mm SHS

One-piece rectangular sizes:
50 x 25 mm RHS
75 x 50 mm RHS
80 x 40 mm RHS
100 x 25 mm RHS
100 x 50 mm RHS (1.6 mm wall)
100 x 50 mm RHS (3mm wall)
125 x 50 mm RHS
150 x 50 mm RHS
150 x 100 mm RHS
200 x 50 mm RHS
200 x 100 mm RHS
250 x 50 mm RHS

Two-piece square sizes (concealed fixing):
50 x 50 mm

Two-piece rectangular sizes (concealed fixing):
46 x 25 mm
76 x 25 mm
100 x 44 mm
100 x 50 mm
150 x 50 mm
46 x 25 mm RHS
50 x 50 mm RHS
76 x 25 mm RHS
100 x 44 mm RHS
100 x 50 mm RHS
150 x 50 mm RHS

What lengths do they come in?

All DecoBatten profiles are available in 6.5m lengths.

If I need lengths to be smaller, can I cut them?

Yes, just use an aluminium drop saw and a tape measure.

Can DecoBatten be installed with concealed fixing?

Yes, using the two-piece DecoBatten system. View the Installation Guide for more information.

How do I finish the exposed ends?

Colour-matched end caps are available for all of the batten sizes listed above.


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How to order DecoBatten

You can purchase DecoBatten directly from DECO. Contact us to discuss your project on 02 9726 7726 or email

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