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DecoBatten Profiles & Systems

DecoBatten is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes for limitless design opportunities. Here are some of our popular batten sizes. For a more Batten Sizes & Profiles click here.

One-piece Square Battens

One-piece square batten sizes range from 20 x 20 mm up to 200 x 200 mm.

Square batten

One-piece Rectangle Battens

Below are some common size one-piece rectangle battens. Hundreds more profiles are available to meet your requirements. Contact us for details.

50 x 25 mm

50 x 25 mm
100 x 50 mm

75 x 50mm

75 x 50 mm

100 x 50

125 x 50 mm

200 x 50 mm

100 x 25 mm
200 x 50 mm

250 x 50

250 x 50 mm

Two-piece Battens

DecoBatten's patent-pending two-piece batten design offers a QuickClick™ system which means easy installation and no visible fixings for a flawless finish. Ideal for wall and ceiling applications, the system removes the need for additional support materials or framing.

50mm Series

Two-piece batten 50x50

50 x 50 mm

Two-piece batten 50 x 75 mm

50 x 75 mm

DecoBatten  50 x 80mm Radius

50 x 80 mm (radius)

DecoBatten 50 x 80 angle

50 x 80 mm (angle)

DecoBatten 50 x 100mm

50 x 100 mm

DecoBatten 50 x 150 mm

50 x 150 mm

DecoBatten 50 x 200mm

50 x 200 mm

DecoBatten 50 x 250 mm

50 x 250 mm

25mm Series

25 x 25 mm

25 x 50 mm

25 x 75 mm

46 x 25mm batten

46 x 25 mm

Length & Thickness

Batten Length

DecoBatten profiles and extruded accessories are manufactured in 6.5 metre lengths, however due to the process of applying the beautiful timber-look (or other) finish, the usable length is 6.47m. Cutting is available for an additional surcharge.

Profile Thickness

Most standard aluminium batten profiles are available between 1.5mm and 3mm in thickness. Other thicknesses available; ask our team for details.


End Caps

Where batten ends are visible, end caps are available for a seamless finish. Aluminium end caps can be finished in DecoWood to match your battens or in plain black plastic. Note: end caps are not available in all batten sizes.

Typical Installation Methods

There are a range of installation techniques for DecoBatten. For more details download our DecoBattten Installation Manual

One- piece battens

  • Back fixing
  • Bolt fixing
  • Fixed surface angle or channel fixing
  • End to end angle or channel fixing

Two-piece battens - QuickClick™ Install System

DecoBatten's patent-pending two-piece system offers a QuickClick™ fixing method for easy and fast installation. The batten base is fixed directly to the surface with the batten cover simply pushed into place. No frames or support materials are required, however extra fixings may be applied for additional security.

  • Centre fixing
  • Dual fixing
  • Adhesive, screw or rivet fixing (for additional security)

Building Standards & Compliance

DecoBatten has been designed to meet Australia's stringent building standards. The DecoBatten range has been tested to and passed the following standards:

AS1530.1 - Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures - Combustibility test for materials.

AS/NZS1530.3 - Methods for fire tests on building materials, components and structures - Simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release.

AS3837 - Method of test for heat and smoke release rates for materials and products using an oxygen consumption calorimeter.

NCC 2015 - Volume 1 - Clause C.1.12 - Combustibility of Materials (No Amendment in NCC 2016).


DECO Australia offers a warranty on its range of product finishes. View finish warranty details here.

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