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Aluminium Properties

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile material, preferred by builders and designers alike for its strength, durability, flexibility, lightness and corrosion-resistance.

It can also be adapted to many different architectural styles using modern powder coating technology, such as DecoWood timber look aluminium

DecoClad is an innovative system designed to harness the durability and high performance qualities of aluminium. The fixing system allows for natural expansion and contraction with changes in temperature.

Powder Properties

DecoClad aluminium cladding is coated with the Super Durable DecoWood timber look finish. It is textured to replicate the look and feel of real timber.

Super Durable powder coating is 50% more durable than standard powder coating. It has undergone 18 durability tests under the Qualicoat specification and is certified for marine applications and extreme environmental conditions.

Read more about what Super Durable means here.

About the Process

The DecoWood natural timber look uses a process called sublimation. All Decorative Imaging finishes are baked on to the aluminium; they are not ‘printing’ nor a ‘stick on’ film.

The sublimation process used for DecoWood involves the desired image being first printed onto a special paper or film. The paper or film is then held hard against the powder coated metal using vacuum, and under controlled conditions of heat and pressure, the image is then transferred directly into the powder coating by way of sublimation.

The sublimation inks penetrate the full depth of the powder coating, and the image becomes an integral part of the powder coating.

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