DecoFloor Colour Range


Recreate the look and feel of your favourite timber floorboards with DecoFloor's stunning DecoWood finishes. DecoFloor is available in 25 DecoWood® timber-look finishes, recreating the warm, vibrant beauty of the most beautiful species of trees from around the world.

To help guide your colour selection, we have developed the exclusive DecoWood Colour Series, featuring a range of our favourite native, contemporary and exotic timber species. If you are searching for a specific timbergrain to match your favourite floorboard style, DECO offers up to 150 custom finishes, and can help you find a custom colour to suit your project needs.

Please note: Images displayed on your computer screen or printed in our catalogue may vary in colour from the actual DecoWood colour. Order a free sample of your chosen finish for the most accurate representation of your preferred colour.

Australian Native Species

Exotic Timber Species

Contemporary Timber Species

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