DecoFloor Technical Information


Length & Thickness

Floorboard Length
DecoFloor is supplied in long 5.4m* lengths. DecoFloor floorboards can be easily cut down to size using a drop saw or mitre saw with an aluminium cutting blade, or DECO can cut your boards to size for an additional surcharge. For more information on how to cut aluminium, click here.
*Please allow 15mm on each end for a trim cut.

Board Coverage
DecoFloor board coverage is 120mm wide.

Board Thickness
DecoFloor has a board thickness of 11.5mm.


  • Angles (20x20mm)
  • DecoFloor Joiner
  • DecoFloor Starter Strip
  • Custom folded flashings available for special requirements eg. transition to carpet
  • DECO can also coat custom accessories to suit your project

DecoFloor Finishes and Colours

DecoFloor utilises DECO's advanced sublimation photo imaging technology to offer a range of durable and natural timber-look finishes on our aluminium floorboards.
Available in 25 Super Durable™ DecoWood® finishes, the finish is marine grade, UV resistant and complies with Qualicoat specifications and the Australian Standard for powder coating, AS 3715. For more information on our Super Durable DecoWood finish, click here.

Typical Installation Methods

DecoFloor's simple tongue and groove design offers quick, easy, click-together installation, with a range of accessories for a clean and tidy finish. DecoFloor can be screw fixed directly into the subfloor surface, including into concrete using a special drill bit. DecoFloor's long lengths can be easily cut down to size to suit any project. DecoFloor requires an installation underlay to provide extra stability, noise reduction and support to the interlocking system.

For detailed installation methods and techniques for your project, download the DecoFloor installation guide here.

Cleaning and Care

Unlike timber floorboards and laminates, DecoFloor does not require sanding or staining to keep it in pristine condition. Finished with a Super Durable™ DecoWood sublimated powder coat finish designed to replicate real timber, DecoFloor requires only cleaning with a damp cloth or mop and a pH neutral detergent. For more information on how to clean DecoFloor and other DecoWood products, download our Care Guide.

Building Standards and Compliance

DecoFloor has been designed to meet Australia's stringent building standards. The range has been tested to and passed the following standards:

AS 1530.1 - Combustibility Test for Materials. DecoFloor does not combust or spread flame when exposed to a flame source.

AS 1530.3 - Simultaneous determination of ignitability, flame propagation, heat release and smoke release. DecoFloor does not release excessive heat or smoke and does not contribute to a fire.

AS 3837 - Method of test for heat and smoke release rates for materials and products using an oxygen consumption calorimeter. DecoFloor has been tested to and complies with this standard.

AS 4586 - Slip Test. DecoFloor achieves a Slip Resistant Value (SRV) of P2.

Common DecoFloor Applications

  • Residential flooring
  • Fire egress paths
  • Corridor flooring
  • Indoor venue flooring
  • Shop and retail flooring
  • Office flooring
  • Also suitable for internal walls & ceilings


DECO Australia offers a warranty on its range of product finishes. View finish warranty details here.

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