DecoSlat Technical Information


DecoSlat is an easy to DIY install system or have any builder do for you, that involves use of the following:

  • All DecoSlat profiles are supplied in 6.5 metre lengths in any of the 16 Super Durable DecoWood Finishes
  • The standard DecoSlat profile is a 65x16mm Rectangular Hollow Section, but other variations of this size is available

Other profiles used to install DecoSlat include:

  • DecoPost - 50x50mm Square hollow Section
  • DecoChannel - 20x20mm C-Shape Channel
  • DecoAngle - 20x25mm L-Shape Angle
  • Colour Matched Pop-Rivets
  • Internal Post Corner Stakes
  • Black Plastic End Caps
  • Colour Matched End Caps
  • Plain Colour profiles are also available

Aluminium Properties

Aluminium is an incredibly versatile material, preferred by builders and designers alike for its strength, durability, flexibility, lightness and corrosion-resistance.

It can also be adapted to many different architectural styles due to modern powder coating technology offering plain colour and decorative finishes, such as DecoWood timber look aluminium

DecoSlat is an innovative system designed with the durability and performance of aluminium in mind.

DecoSlat is flexible with installation, and easy to use and adapt, depending on your needs.

Powder Properties

DecoSlat aluminium slats is put through a specialised powder coating process for the DecoWood finish.

The DecoSlat product is made with a process using Super Durable Marine Grade polyester powder coating.

It also has a textured appearance to replicate to look and feel of real timber.

About the Process

The process to achieve the natural timber look uses the DecoWood powder coat finish.

First the DecoSlat profile is pre-treated in a series of stages known as the Pre-Treatment Process. The Pre-Treament process is what gives the aluminium its corrosion protection.

Then we powder coat the DecoSlat profile in our specially formulated sublimation powder coating, using a base colour to suit the timber look you have selected.

After the DecoSlat profile is powder coated, we then transfer photo graphic images of real timber grain directly into the powder coating under controlled conditions of heat and pressure. This process is also known as 'sublimation' or 'photo-imaging'.

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