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If you are after something more personal or already have your dream design in mind, why not opt for a custom DecoSplash splashback design with an image or photograph that is unique to you?

DecoSplash can transfer almost any image into our durable powder coat finish to create a beautiful splashback to create a statement piece that will wow your guests for years to come.

Custom splashbacks are also a great option for businesses who want to showcase their branding. A customised kitchen splashback in your café, food truck or restaurant can really make your brand images, logos or artwork pop and attract customers’ attention.

Supplying an image

To produce your DecoSplash to the best quality it is recommended that you supply images with the highest resolution (i.e. 10MB or more) with a 300 dpi (pixels). Images can be supplied in range of formats including JPEG, TIFF and Vector files. Contact the DecoSplash team to discuss whether the image you have selected fits the criteria.

Finding an image

Another option to create your own custom splashback is by finding images on the internet using image libraries such as Shutterstock, iStockphoto and CanStock photo. Simply type in a keyword for the type of image you are after, and thousands will instantly appear!

Some websites will allow you to refine your search so that only images at a certain size, dpi or orientation show up. The best image orientation for your splashback is horizontal, however in some instances other formats can work. For example, if your splashback is going into a shower or behind a bath, a vertical image may be best.

If you are looking for something truly special, why not approach a local photographer for your perfect custom splashback. For example, in Darwin, popular local photographer, Paul Arnold has sold his beautiful landscape shots to DecoSplash customers for use in their kitchens. Customers can enjoy the stunning beauty of the territory immortalised on their walls – and you too can enjoy your favourite view or picture over and over.

Purchasing an image

During the process of creating your custom splashback, the DecoSplash team will test your image against the dimensions of your splashback to ensure you will be happy with the design. The DecoSplash team will also check your image and format to recommend any changes that may be required.

Once you are happy with the image you have chosen, follow the prompts on the image library website to purchase your selected image. From there you can place your order with a local kitchen manufacturer or buy direct through DecoSplash and supply your image to us.

License Agreement(s)

Please note: in some instances you may be required to purchase additional image rights or licensing for the image to be reproduce the image. Please check with the image supplier if additional reproduction licenses are required.

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