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DecoSplash aluminium splashbacks utilise an innovative and customised process.

First a 2mm aluminium flat sheet is pre-treated in a series of stages known as the 'pre-treatment' process. The 'pre-treatment' process is what gives the aluminium its corrosion protection. The aluminium sheet is then powder coated in our specially formulated polyurethane powder coating.

Once powder coated, the selected photographic image is transferred directly into the powder coating under controlled conditions of heat and pressure. This process is known as 'sublimation' or 'photo-imaging'. To find out more click here.

Read more about aluminium properties here and powder properties here.

DecoSplash Sizes & Dimensions

DecoSplash is available in a range of standard sizes. Cutting services are available to cut your splashback to your desired size.

650 Series

  • 600mm x 1800mm
  • 600mm x 2400mm
  • 600mm x 3000mm
  • 600mm x 3600mm

750 Series

  • 750mm x 1800mm
  • 750mm x 2400mm
  • 750mm x 3000mm
  • 750mm x 3600mm

1200 Series

  • 1200mm x 2400mm
  • 1200mm x 3000mm

1500 Series

  • 1500mm x 3000mm
  • 1500mm x 3600mm

DecoSplash Finishes

DecoSplash is available in two different finishes.


Gloss offers high shine for a glossy splashback surface for a premium finish.


The Satin finish's semi-matt surface offers a more realistic appearance for natural designs like sandstone, timber and marble.


Edge Strip

The black silicon edging strip is available to create seamless external corner joins.

Installation Methods

DecoSplash can be installed directly onto most wall surfaces including gyprock, tiles, bricks or existing splashbacks. Installation utilises double sided tape and silicon to secure the splashback into place.

Cutting DecoSplash

DecoSplash can be delivered cut-to-size, however we recommend cutting your splashback on site to allow for any last-minute adjustments. A circular saw with an aluminium blade is ideal for long cuts and a jig saw with a metal cutting blade is recommended for detailed cut outs for power points and taps.

*Note that our cutting service is for external straight edges only. We do not offer cut-outs for power points, curved edges or section cut-outs. You are best to manage these cuts on site to ensure an accurate fit. Please contact us for full details.

Installation Guide

Download the Installation Guide for Kitchens or Bathrooms for detailed installation instructions.

Standards & Compliance

DecoSplash® fully complies with all of the relevant Australian and International Standards for Splashbacks.

Australian Construction Code (BCA) or NCC

The BCA sets out the requirements for non-combustible materials that are used in building construction. DecoSplash has been tested at the CSIRO Building Research Station to AS 1530.3 and AS1530.1, and complies with BCA requirements as a "non-combustible" material.

Gas Regulations

When gas cook tops are used, splashbacks must comply with the Australian Standard for the installation of gas appliances, which is the Gas Regulations AS5601.1. This standard sets out the requirements for Fire Resistant Materials and the requirements for the protection of combustible surfaces.

DecoSplash fully complies with the requirements of AS5601.1 as a Fire Resistant Material, however it is recommended that gas cook tops are installed with a minimum distance of 200mm from the splashback to the back gas hob.

All types of electric cook tops can be installed with DecoSplash, and a minimum distance of 100mm from the splashback is recommended.

Power Points

Power Points sold in Australia by major Australian suppliers are designed for installation with metal in accordance with the Electrical Standard AS3000. However, installation MUST be carried out by a licensed electrical contractor in all circumstances.

Power Points are designed to be electrically isolated from the metal surface, however as an additional safety measure, an earth wire can be fitted to the splashback. The fitting of the optional earth wire is recommended.

Power point front

Power Point Installation - Front View

Power point back

Power Point installation showing recommended earth wire.

Powder Coated Surface Standards

Qualicoat is the international standard for quality assurance in powder coating. Qualicoat steps out different levels of durability for powder coating. The DecoSplash powder coated surface is applied by licensed Qualicoat applicators and complies with Class 2 "Super Durable" requirements, which is 50 per cent more durable than standard powder coating.

In addition, DecoSplash fully complies with the requirements of the Australian Standard for powder coating, AS3715.

For more information about Qualicoat accreditation, visit

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