Case Study: Cooling Coil Coatings


Project Brief: Protective coating for cooling unit condenser coils to protect them from salt, chemicals, cleaning solvents and deterioration due to climate

Industry: Infrastructure

Organisation: James Packer's Barangaroo Sydney Casino, Westfield's Pitt Street Sydney CBD Shopping Centre, QANTAS International Terminal, Sydney and more

Finish: Epoxy cross-linked thermosetting system

Over the years, numerous customers with air conditioning systems and cooling units have approached us, in search of a suitable coating to protect their coils. Cooling units in an outdoor environment, particularly near the coast, can come into contact with salt and sea spray, while industrial coils may be exposed to chemicals, sulphur oxides, nitrogen oxides, cutting oils, cleaning solvents and more. Frequent exposure to substances such as these can cause deterioration, reduced capacity and efficiency, increased energy consumption, and a reduction in performance of up to 50% in one year.

DECO's Industrial team have found an effective solution to these issues in our Coil Coating system. Consisting of a water-based epoxy cross-linked acrylic thermosetting system, our coil coats are effective in protecting coils and cooling units from corrosion, deterioration from UV or chemical exposure, and also works to kill microorganisms, preventing the growth of mould. It has excellent adhesion to metal substrates, especially aluminium and copper-based alloys, but it can also adhere effectively to steel and cast iron, offering a strong protective coating for a variety of metal cooling systems.

Our Coil Coating system is available in transparent Green or Blue, and has been a great help to a number of companies and large buildings requiring effective, efficient cooling systems.

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