Case Study: Track Guide Posts for Sydney Metro


Project Brief: Thermoplastic coating of stainless steel guide posts to isolate them from electrical conductivity
Industry: Infrastructure
Organisations: NSW Government, Transport for NSW
Finish: Thermoplastic Coating

The NSW Government's Sydney Metro project, designed to improve transport infrastructure for NSW, involved the construction of eight new railway stations and 23 kilometres of track and rail. This involved the manufacture of L-shaped stainless steel guide posts to secure important components between each of the track sections. Due to their positioning on the track, and to improve their performance, it was essential each of these posts be coated in a way that would completely isolate them from electrical conductivity.
DECO's Industrial team blasted each component before applying a high quality thermoplastic coating in black. As thermoplastic coating is a non-conductive, impact-resistant coating, it proved to be a highly effective coating for this job.
Committed to quality and to ensuring the safety of the components, DECO's Industrial team tested each component individually after coating to ensure electrical isolation. They also completed the task quickly and efficiently, delivering the projects on time and in a professional manner.

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