Case Study: Two-Coat PFA Teflon Coated Machine Parts


Project brief: A durable non-stick coating for machine dies
Finish: Teflon Two-Coat PFA (Colour: pewter)

Teflon coating is an effective non-stick coating, reducing friction and buildups of substances on machine parts. Teflon is also heat and chemical resistant and does not absorb water or oils, helping prevent damage or corrosion to the components beneath.

While Teflon is typically applied in a one-coat PTFE wet spray, for components which require a more durable, longer-lasting coating, a special two-coat PFA can be applied. This involves first applying a wet spray primer, then applying a second powder coat layer of PFA over the top. The result, once cured, is a hardwearing Teflon coating that embodies all the non-stick properties of the original, with twice the lifespan.

DECO were asked to coat circular machine dies for a customer who required both a non-stick coating and a finish that could withstand heat and protect the aluminium beneath from oil, grime and moisture. Applying two-coat PFA supplied by renowned Teflon supplier Chemours (Dupont) provided the ideal solution. With an attractive pewter-colour primer and a carefully-applied powder coat topcoat, the final coating provided a smooth, frictionless, attractive and protective finish.

If you're looking for a hard-wearing, non-stick coating solution, contact us to find out more, or to arrange for us to coat a free sample for you.

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