DecoSign® & Sydney Trains

Decorative Imaging worked closely with Transport NSW to produce customised signage for the update of their branding from CityRail to Sydney Trains. The scope of the project involved upgrading all seat, wayfinding and notice signs at every station on the network.

Aluminium was the preferred material for this project due to its strength, durability, lightness and flexibility. The DecoArt distinction is in the finishing process. The aluminium is first powder coated with the highest quality powders available. Then custom photographic images are sublimated into the powder coating and baked on.

What does this mean? First, the new branding was honoured with high resolution photographic precision.  Second, the finish will never rub or peel off with use. Third, the finish is super durable, with high UV stability, particularly important for red-based colours. And finally, the anti-graffiti finish protects signage from vandalism, as spray paints and marker pens can be easily removed with everyday household chemicals.

Refer to Powder Properties for more information about the technical properties of the powders used.

Seat Signs

The new Sydney Trains seat signs were flat sheets made to custom sizes and finished with the imagery supplied. Decorative Imaging went above and beyond to find a simple and attractive fixing solution, studs for screwfixing the signage into the seats.

Campbelltown Train Station signage - DecoSign        

Wayfinding and Notice Signs

DecoArt can be finished on aluminium flat sheets, extrusions and odd shapes. The 3D signage pictured below was finished as a flat sheet and then expertly bent to shape according to the client's specifications.

Sydney Trains Notice Sign - DecoSign Sydney Trains Wayfinding Signage - DecoSign     

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