DecoWood Garage Doors


Give your home a facelift with a DecoWood® timber-look garage door.

Made and distributed by Steel-Line Garage Doors, DecoWood garage doors offer you the natural aesthetics of real timber with the security and durability of steel. Each door offers the highly durable, low-maintenance DecoWood finish which includes a hard-wearing marine grade powder coating.

And because these garage doors aren’t made of actual wood, you can rest assured your door will not be affected by warping, shrinking, splitting, rotting or termites.

These timber-look garage doors are available as sectional garage doors and come in a select range of DecoWood colours.

  • Low Maintenance: No painting, oiling or staining!
  • Durability: The beauty of timber with long-lasting steel
  • Security: Know that your garage and home are safe with the security of steel
  • Dimensional stability: no twisting, warping, rotting or splintering
  • Marine Grade: DecoWood Super Durable powder coating will not corrode in beachfront applications
  • Selection: Available in 12 DecoWood colours

DecoWood Garage Door Colours

Steel-Line garage doors are available in 12 DecoWood colours.

  • American Oak
  • Weathered Timber
  • Casuarina
  • Kwila
  • Chestnut
  • Silky Oak
  • Bush Cherry
  • Western Red Cedar
  • Ironbark
  • Jarrah
  • Wenge
  • Merbau

Please note: Steel-Line garage door colours may vary slightly to other DecoWood aluminium products. Please request a garage door colour sample from Steel-Line Garage Doors to assist your decision.

DecoWood Garage Door Gallery

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DecoWood Garage Door by Steel-Line

All DecoWood garage doors are made and distributed by Steel-Line Garage Doors.

Contact Steel-Line Garage Doors for all timber-look garage door enquires and sample requests.

For matching DecoWood cladding, facades, battens, fences and more, contact us here.

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