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Aluminium is a good conductor of heat

Aluminium is approximately three times as thermally-conductive as steel, which is important in heat-exchange applications, whether heating or cooling.

Aluminium is lightweight

Aluminium is one of the lightest available commercial metals with a density approximately one third that of steel or copper. Its high strength to weight ratio makes it particularly important for building materials that need to be transported over long distance and installed manually.

Aluminium is easy to work with

Aluminium displays excellent machinability and plasticity ideal for bending, cutting and roll forming. Almost any method of joining is applicable - riveting, welding and drilling.

Aluminium is non-magnetic

Aluminium has non-magnetic properties which make it useful for electrical shielding such as busbar or magnetic compass housings.

Aluminium has high reflectivity

Aluminium is an excellent reflector of radiant energy through the entire range of wave lengths, from ultra-violet through the visible spectrum to infra-red and heat waves, as well as electromagnetic waves such as radio and radar. Aluminium has a light reflectivity of over 80% which has led to its wide use in lighting fixtures. These reflectivity characteristics also lead to its use as an insulating material.

Aluminium is non-toxic

Aluminium is non-toxic and can be easily cleaned due to its smooth surface, promoting a hygienic environment.

Aluminium is shock absorbing

Due to its low modulus of elasticity, aluminium is a good shock-absorber.

Aluminium is non sparking

Aluminium is void of sparking properties against itself and other non-ferrous metals.

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