DecoArt FAQ


What products can DecoArt be used for?

DecoArt can be applied to any aluminium or steel product. DecoArt is most commonly used for aluminium signage, decorative panels, perforated panels and splashbacks.

Does it Scratch/Is it affected by Graffiti?

DecoArt is powder coated with a tough textured powder coating that is scratch and scuff resistant. The polyurethane powders used to create the DecoArt finish are also graffiti-resistant, meaning any spray paint or other graffiti marks can easily be wiped off with a damp cloth.

How is it made?

DecoArt is powder coating technology. DecoArt is made by first treating the metal, powder coating in our special powder coats and then we transfer photographic images directly into the powder coating so that it becomes part of the powder coating. This technology is known as Sublimation. It is NOT a stick on film, it is NOT printed on the surface.

How expensive is it?

Most products with the DecoArt finish are comparative with equivalent signage products. You save on ongoing maintenance costs, and in some instances installation costs too.

What is the warranty for DecoArt finish?

DecoArt is a Super Durable powder coating for premium quality and as such a 12 year warranty* for any DecoArt product applies with conditions as set out in the Australian Standard (AS3715). View finish warranty details here.

Almost any image, pattern or design can be used to create a DecoArt product, including photographs and logos.

How to order a DecoArt product:

To talk to one of our sales representatives and discuss specifications for your custom DecoArt sign, splashback or panel, fill out our contact form, or call us on (02) 9603 1888.

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