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What products can DecoCoat colours be applied to?

The DecoCoat range can be applied to most DECO architectural building products, solid aluminium surfaces and extrusions. Some steel parts can also be coated.

What colours are available?

DecoCoat is available in all Dulux and Interpon powder coat colours, however our exclusive DecoCoat colour range offers an easy on-trend selection.

Does the finish Scratch?

For a Super Durable finish that is scratch and rub resistant, we recommend specifying our DecoCoat Class 2 powders.

Will the colour fade?

Powder coatings are considered extremely resilient but like all materials will change colour when exposed to UV light – just like the paint finish on your car. When it comes to DecoCoat, the extent of colour change is influenced by factors such as the colour itself, the design of the structure, the environment and, of course, the class of powder used. DecoCoat powder coatings are subject to allowable colour change limits set by the relevant International and Australian standards for each powder type or class, and DECO Australia warrants the finish accordingly. For more information on the AlumiShield™ Warranty, please click here.

What are the building codes and standards for powder coating?

The Building Codes of Australia (BCA) set out classes for what types of powders are suitable for which applications. DecoCoat’s Super Durable Class 2 powders are ideal for most interior and exterior project types (including all BCA classes) on aluminium. For class details visit our technical information page.

What is the warranty for DecoCoat finish?

As a Dulux Approved Applicator, DecoCoat can offer an AlumiShield™ (protection for aluminium) Warranty for your project.

As an Interpon D approved applicator we can offer warranty-grade powder coating for architectural aluminium applications. Interpon D product warranties range from 10 to 25-year warranties.

Is DECO an approved powder coat applicator?

Yes. DECO is proud to be a Dulux and Interpon Accredited Powder Coater.

Are powders from the Interpon range available?

DECO works with and offers high-quality powders from the Interpon Standard and Commercial range.

How do I get a quote and order?

Contact us on 02 9603 1888 or fill out our quote form online.

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