DecoRoccia Powder Properties


Our special technology for sublimation involves two parts.

The first part involves pre-treatment and powder coating of the aluminium product. This could be aluminium profile or sheet.

For sublimation on aluminium to take place, the powder coating used must be a special type of powder coating that allows for image transfer. Due to Decorative Imaging's high standard for quality and durability, the special powder coating we use also performs in extreme exposure zones and is otherwise known as a marine grade finish.

There are three different types of powders used in our processes for different products. We can also supply our finishes in various other powder types such as polyurethane matt, non-reflective, anti-bacterial, super-textured and more.

For DecoRoccia Products, we use a polyurethane powder coating. This is because they are finishes more suitable for interior use, where polyurethane smooth powder coating is more applicable. For interior use, this powder is supplied in a Qualicoat Class 1.0 powder coating. We can also supply the smooth finish in a Qualicoat Class 2.0 powder coating.

For certain DecoRoccia finishes, a smooth polyurethane clear powder coating is applied over a standard polyester white powder coating. The clear polyurethane powder coating allows for perfect image colour transfer as there are no existing pigments in the clear powder coating. The polyurethane powder coating also has exceptional chemical resistance.

Powder Type: Polyurethane
Microns Thickness: 80 - 100 microns
Gloss Level: 19±5 gloss
Marine Grade: Yes
Applications: suitable for exterior use
Description: superior chemical resistance

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