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Anodised and hard anodised finishes can be achieved using two different methods:

Dyeing: Before the pores of an anodised product are sealed, it is submerged in a bath of coloured dye. The dye is absorbed into the pores and is locked inside the coating when the product is sealed, resulting in an eye-catching metallic coloured finish.

Electrocolouring: This process involves immersing the anodised product in an electrolytic tin solution. This forms an organic 'salt' on the surface of the anodising, which is deposited at the bottom of the pores. Different colours are achieved by adjusting the time the part is left in the tank, and the voltage applied to it.

DecoUltra uses both dye and electrocolouring processes to produce a selection of contemporary colours for the ultimate urban aesthetic.

Please note: Images displayed on your computer screen or printed in our catalogue may vary in colour from the actual finish. Contact us for a sample of your chosen finish.

Anodised colours can vary from batch to batch. Please talk to us about your project requirements.

DecoUltra Colour Gallery


DecoUltra uses a range of processes to offer different textured effects, including etching, perforation and brushing. Customise your anodised extrusions or panels to perfectly match your design specifications or aesthetic.

Got a custom texture in mind? Contact our team to find out how we can make your vision come true.

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