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How thick and hard is DecoUltra anodising?
DecoUltra is available in three different standard thicknesses: DecoUltra AD (15 microns), DecoUltra AD+ (25 microns) and DecoUltra ZD (30 micron hard anodising). For more information on DecoUltra ZD+ Hard Anodising for industrial applications, click here.

For custom micron thicknesses to suit your project needs, talk to our friendly team.

What types of buildings can DecoUltra be used on?
DecoUltra's different micron thicknesses can be tailored to suit your project needs. DecoUltra AD (15 microns) is suitable for residential and small commercial buildings. DecoUltra AD+ (25 microns) is suitable for large commercial projects and projects in coastal or marine areas, while DecoUltra ZD, our ultra-durable hard anodised 30-micron finish, can be used on monumental façades where longevity and durability are paramount.

What lengths of material can be finished in DecoUltra AD?
DECO can anodise sheets and laser cut shapes up to 2800mm long, 1000mm deep and 400mm wide. For larger sheets of up to 3600mm x 1500mm, contact us.

DECO can also anodise extrusions up to 9m long if required for your project, contact us for more details.

DECO products such as DecoClad and DecoBatten are available in standard 6.5m lengths. However please note that due to the need to clamp the ends of the products to place them in the anodising tanks, the usable length is 6.4m.

What lengths of material can be finished in DecoUltra ZD?
DECO can hard anodise sheets and laser cut shapes up to 2800mm long, 1000mm deep and 400mm wide.

What products can DecoUltra be applied to?
DecoUltra is a versatile finish that can be effectively applied to aluminium sheets, panels, laser cut shapes, discs and even extrusions and cladding boards. We can anodise a variety of shapes to create almost any façade design you like - the only limit is your imagination.

What colours does DecoUltra come in?
The DecoUltra AD series is available in standard clear anodising (which produces a light grey colour depending on the alloy) as well as black, light bronze, medium bronze and dark bronze colours. As DecoUltra ZD finishes are created using low temperature hard anodising technology, they typically produce a dark/charcoal grey colour, however black or bronze . DecoUltra ZD+ finishes are also available on request. For more information, see our colours page.

What effects are available for DecoUltra?
DecoUltra's special effects techniques offer you endless design flexibility. Customise your panels with bespoke perforations, or have your panels brushed before anodising and offsetting them at different angles to catch the sun and create stunning visual effects.

What is the warranty on DecoUltra?
The warranty on your DecoUltra finished panels depends on the thickness of the anodised coating. DECO Ultra AD, our standard finish, offers a 10 year warranty on residential and small commercial applications in line with AS 1231:2000, the Australian Standard for Architectural Anodising.

DecoUltra AD+, our coastal or marine finish, offers a 15 year warranty on commercial applications, while DecoUltra ZD, our hard anodised monumental finish, is warranted for 25 years on monumental applications. Warranty needs to be applied for at time of order.

View finish warranty details here.

What maintenance is required?
Anodising does not require maintenance such as staining or refinishing, and anodised finishes can last for years on a building without degrading. However, we recommend cleaning regularly to preserve the attractive appearance of your façade.

Does the finish scratch?
Both anodising and hard anodising are designed to be durable, hardwearing finishes that are resistant to scratches and scuffs.

What are the building codes and standards for anodising?
All DecoUltra finishes are tested to the Australian Standard for architectural anodising: AS 1231:2000, which outlines the micron thicknesses required for different applications. For more information, visit our technical information page.

How do I get a quote and order?
Contact us on 02 9603 1888 or fill out our handy quote form online.

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