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Performance Standards and Criteria

Architectural Anodising Performance Standards and Criteria

It is crucial to understand the performance standards and criteria required for your project. This ensures you choose the right DecoUltra finish for your job, and that the anodised coating you choose for your façade will withstand its surrounding environment.

The Australian Standard for Architectural Anodising is AS 1231:2000: Aluminium and Aluminium Alloys - Anodic Oxidation Coatings. This standard sets out the performance requirements for anodised products based on their application.

Exterior applications: such as residential and small commercial building façades. These buildings generally consist of only a few storeys and are typically easy to maintain. AS 1231 requires a minimum micron thickness of 15µm for residential and small commercial buildings. DecoUltra AD is suitable for these applications.

Commercial/Marine applications: such as large commercial building façades or building façades in coastal areas such as waterfronts, which are exposed to aggressive salt spray and high levels of moisture in the air. These buildings are less sheltered, higher and their façades may be more difficult to maintain, therefore AS 1231 requires a minimum micron thickness of 25µm. DecoUltra AD+ is suitable for these applications.

Monumental Applications: Buildings or structures that are elaborate in design and larger than the functional requirements of a building are classified as monumental. AS 1231 requires monumental buildings to have a highly durable anodised finish of 25µm or more. At 30 microns, DecoUltra ZD exceeds the standard requirements to provide an even longer-lasting finish for the largest of projects in the harshest of environments. DECO's ZD hard anodising is a unique finish ideal for monumental applications, owing to its extreme durability.

DECO is the only anodiser offering hard anodised finishes suitable for monumental buildings.
For projects requiring a different specified micron thickness, such as machine parts for industrial applications, click here to find out more about our industrial anodising services.

Quality Standards and Testing

DECO is committed to providing our customers with quality architectural products and finishes. We have a fully equipped chemical, environmental and physical testing laboratory on site and we are the only surface finisher in Australia with in-house testing equipment for neutral salt spray, acidic salt spray and differential scanning calorimetry (DSC).

AS 1231: 2000

AS 1231 is the Australian Standard for Architectural anodising, which outlines the requirements anodised façades must meet to withstand different environmental requirements. DECO tests its anodising to ensure it is up to standard, durable, of an appropriate thickness and properly sealed to give you the best results. Some of the tests performed as part of AS 1231 include:

  • ISO 1463: Measurement of thickness
  • ISO 3210: Sealing tests
  • ISO 2143: Dye spot test
  • ISO 2315: Light fastness

Further tests on the anodised finish can also be performed depending on project requirements. If you have a specific testing requirement for your anodised panels or extrusions, contact us to find out how we can meet your needs.


Qualanod is the international standard for architectural anodising. It involves regular auditing of the whole anodising process, from pre-treatment to post-treatment and sealing, as well as thorough tests on the finish once it has been applied, to ensure all jobs produced are consistently of the highest quality. DECO is currently working towards Qualanod compliance.

AAMA 611

AAMA 611 is an American standard testing procedures and requirements for architectural anodised coatings. DecoUltra can meet and exceed AAMA specifications.


It is important to define your project correctly to ensure the correct standard of product is specified and the performance and warranty can be gained for your project.
DecoUltra finishes are warranted for surface integrity. DecoUltra is eligible for the following warranties depending on the micron thickness chosen:

  • DecoUltra AD (15μm): 15 years*
  • DecoUltra AD+ (25μm): 25 years *
  • DecoUltra ZD (30μm hard anodised): 30 years*

* Please note: warranty is subject to location and use. If you require a warranty for your job, this must be applied for at the time you place your order. This is because we will need to test samples of the finish at the time your job is produced.

View finish warranty details here.

Care and Maintenance

Anodising is an extremely low maintenance finish. This means that no staining, painting or refinishing is required to preserve the durability of the finish. DECO recommends occasionally cleaning with a damp cloth or pressure cleaner to keep the surface free from dirt and debris, to retain its attractive appearance.

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