Understanding Coating Thicknesses


What is a micron?

A micrometre, or micron, is a unit of measurement equivalent to a millionth of a metre, often written using the symbol µm. Microns are typically the unit of measurement used to determine thickness of different materials, including anodised coatings such as DecoUltra.

The aluminium oxide coatings formed as a result of anodising can range from 5 - 25 microns, while hard anodised coatings can range from 30 - 100 microns.

AS 1231:2000, the Australian Standard for architectural anodising, outlines where different micron thicknesses can be used in architectural applications.
Typical micron thicknesses for architectural anodising include:

How is micron thickness checked?

The micron thickness of your DecoUltra anodised finish is measured using an isoscope or thickness gauge. Your anodised product is checked after the anodising process to ensure your chosen thickness of coating has been achieved. The length of time the part spends in the anodising tank, the voltage of the electric charge run through the tank and the temperature of the tank are all calibrated to achieve the right micron thickness for each job.

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