Make a statement. Make it DecoVogue.

DecoVogue is designed for designers. This seductive collection of inspired finishes includes marble, granite, rust and concrete, and has been created so your designs make an impact.

Creating innovative, unbeatable designs is at the heart of DecoVogue. Turning the design industry on its head, this exciting collection of naturally inspired finishes offer the unique opportunity to use natural materials how they have never been used before. Marble ceilings, rusted beams, concrete cladding; the opportunities are endless.

DecoVogue is an innovative finishing technique for aluminium, which means almost any piece of aluminium can be turned into a design statement. The finishes are of the same high-quality as our DecoWood timber-look finish and present a unique design solution to satisfy different styles and follow popular new design trends.


  • Professional natural finish: photographic precision, authentic to touch
  • Highly Durable: DecoVogue finishes are not printed or stuck on, and will never peel or rub off with wear
  • Affordable: a beautiful, affordable alternative to other building products
  • Effortless: lightweight aluminium is quick and easy to install. Simply wipe clean using common household sprays
  • Flexible: Use for a range of applications and achieve many different styles
  • Australian Made: DECO is entirely Australian-owned and operated, and our product range is available nation-wide

Design Series

The DecoVogue range includes both textured and polished finishes and can be applied to almost any aluminium extrusion, shape, flat sheet or DECO product. All finishes are suitable for a broad spectrum of residential and commercial designs. Explore our DecoVogue Collection in the available finishes;


If you require an alternative colour, contact us and we'll do our best at sourcing a colour to match your project needs.

How to order a DecoVogue product

DecoVogue finishes is supplied by a range of manufacturers, fabricators, builders and installers Australia wide as well as some products being available for purchase directly from us.

Click on the Where To Buy page and select from the dropdown list what product you would like in DecoVogue, which state and region you are located in and it will bring up a list of local contacts near you who can supply you with your DecoVogue product or finish your aluminium with a DecoVogue colour.


What products can DecoVogue finishes be used for?

The DecoVogue range can be applied to any DECO product, solid aluminium surface or extrusion.

Does the finish Scratch?

DecoVogue finishes are powder coated with durable textured powder coatings that are scratch and rub resistant. If a DecoVogue finish does get scratched badly, we have colour matched touch up paints available, designed to blend in with the finish.

How is it made?

Different powders are used during the process depending on the desired effect and finish. A textured polyester powder, ideal for outdoor applications, creates a durable finish that gives products a more natural appearance. A polyurethane powder creates a smooth "gloss" finish effect.

What is the warranty for DecoVogue finish?

DecoVogue is a Super Durable™ powder coating for premium quality and as such a 12 year warranty* for any DecoVogue product applies with conditions as set out in the Australian Standard (AS3715). View finish warranty details here.


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