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DecoVogue utilises the same advanced photo imaging sublimation technology used to create our DecoWood finishes.

DecoVogue's natural finishes range is created via a two-part process whereby a powder coating is applied to the selected aluminium profile or flat sheet, before a realistic pattern film is applied. This is then baked at high temperatures so the inks in the film can transfer into the entire depth of the powder coated surface.

Powder Properties & Durability

Qualicoat Class 2 Super Durable™ powders are utilised to in achieve the high standards of quality and durability found in DecoVogue finishes. The powder is 50% more durable than standard powder coating and can withstand our tough Australian conditions.

For more information on our Super Durable™ powder coating, please click here

Environmental Resistance

DecoVogue powders and film have been tested and certified to perform in extreme conditions. All finishes are a marine grade powder coating, making them ideal for projects in coastal locations. It is also UV-resistant, adhering to Qualicoat's stringent standards of change of colour and gloss when exposed to harsh UV radiation.

Chemical Resistance

Like all DECO finishes, The DecoVogue range has a high-level of resistance to chemicals (read more about chemical resistance testing here).

Looking for a graffiti resistant finish? Our polyurethane powders are ideal to combat most graffiti-type chemicals, making them ideal for public projects. DECO has conducted testing whereby marker pen and spray paint left for 48 hours on the coating were able to be completely removed with with a 1:1 mixture of Metiletichton and Methylated spirits (Xylene, a 1:1 mixture Acetone/Ethyl Acetate and Acetone/Ethanol can also be used) This method left no effect on the powder coated sublimated finish.

Powder Types

Different powders are used during the process depending on the desired effect and finish. A textured polyester powder, ideal for outdoor applications (cladding, battens etc), creates a durable natural-look finish A polyurethane powder creates a smooth "gloss" finish for a polished effect which is often used for splashbacks and wall panels. Powders used are:

Polyester Textured Powder Coating
Powder Type: Polyester
Micron Thickness: 80 - 100 microns
Gloss Level: 7±3 gloss
Marine Grade: Yes
Applications: suitable for exterior use
Characteristics: optimal mechanical properties; marine grade

Polyurethane Smooth "Gloss" Powder Coating
Powder Type: Polyurethane
Microns Thickness: 80 - 100 microns
Gloss Level: 19±5 gloss
Marine Grade: Yes
Applications: suitable for exterior use
Description: superior chemical resistance

In addition to these powder types, we can also supply our finishes in other textures including polyurethane matt, non-reflective, anti-bacterial, super-textured and more. Contact our team for more details.


DECO Australia offers a warranty on its range of product finishes. View finish warranty details here.


DECO officially achieved a QUALICOAT licence in November 2022 - and is currently the only Australian powder coater to hold a QUALICOAT licence. This renowned accreditation means your DecoVogue finishes are guaranteed to be of the highest quality, and offer you reassurance of:

  • Rigorous quality testing
  • Compliance with Australian and international standards
  • Consistent quality across all aspects of the process
  • Consistently high standard of finishes
  • Internationally renowned service standards

To learn more about QUALICOAT, click here.

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