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Enjoy the natural beauty of timber combined with the ease and durability of aluminium.

DecoWood is a textured woodgrain finish for aluminium windows, doors, decks, fences, screens, cladding, shutters, louvres, gates, facades and more.

The two-step photo imaging process used to create DecoWood distinguishes it from the rest. First, the aluminium is covered in a luxuriously textured Super Durable powder coating. Then images of timber grain are sublimated into the powder coating, ensuring absolute photographic precision.

7 Super Reasons why DecoWood is Australia's favourite timber look:

  • Beautiful: Just like timber, DecoWood creates an environment of warmth and style
  • Durable: DecoWood is 50% more durable than standard powder coating and will never peel or rub off. Unlike timber, aluminium is resistant to termite attack, and it will never warp or rot
  • Sustainable: No logging, no harmful greenhouse gases from paints and stains and can be recycled at the end of its life
  • Effortless: No sanding, painting, staining or oiling required. Lightweight aluminium is quick and easy to install
  • Australian: DECO Australia is entirely Australian-owned and -operated, and our product range is available nation-wide
  • Quality: Made from the highest quality materials available, DecoWood withstands harsh environmental conditions and fully complies with Australian and international standards for quality
  • Selection: Choose from 30 DecoWood timber grains and a range of different textures

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What products can DecoWood be used for?

DecoWood can be applied to any aluminium or steel product. DecoWood is most commonly used for aluminium windows, doors, cladding, decking, fences, gates, louvre windows, aluminium plantation shutters and steel garage doors.

DECO Australia has its own range of building products that come with the DecoWood finish: DecoDeck, DecoClad, DecoSlat, and DecoBatten

How is DecoWood made?

DecoWood is a powder coated finish that is baked on to the surface of the aluminium. It is not a stuck-on film and cannot rub or peel off.

The metal is first treated, then coated with Super Durable powder. A photographic image of the woodgrain is then transferred into the powder coating and baked on.

What maintenance is required?

Unlike timber, DecoWood never needs painting or staining. However just like any other powder coated aluminium, DecoWood should be cleaned every six months. The effects of UV-light, pollution, dirt, grime and salt deposits can all accumulate on your powder coated surface over time. Regular maintenance will extend the effective life of powder coating and protect the warranty requirements.

To clean your DecoWood:
1. Carefully remove any loose deposits with a wet sponge.
2. Use a cloth and a mild household detergent solution to remove dust, salt and other deposits.
3. Rinse off with fresh water.

Avoid using detergents that recommend the use of gloves when handling them. In areas where pollutants are more prevalent, especially coastal or industrial regions, cleaning should be carried out more frequently (i.e. every three months).

How does DecoWood look & feel?

DecoWood replicates the natural beauty of timber. With timber you can expect natural variation, and so to with DecoWood. Some DecoWood finishes have more natural variation than others. The Super Durable textured polyester powder coating replicates the natural feel of real timber.

Does DecoWood scratch?

The DecoWood finish is a thicker coating than standard powder coating, and like standard powder coating scratching is not a significant issue. It is also more difficult to scratch than timber.

In the unlikely event of damage to the DecoWood finish, treatments are available depending on the severity of the scratch. A surface scratch can simply be polished out as you would do with a scratch on your car.

Deeper scratches can also be remedied using colour-matched touch up paints. These are available to order by calling us on 02 9603 1888.

Does DecoWood fade?

All materials will change colour when exposed to UV light - the paint finish on your car, the clothes on your line, and so on.

When it comes to DecoWood, the extent of colour change is influenced by factors such as the colour itself, the aspect, the design of the structure and the environment.

However, DecoWood changes colour within the allowable limits set by the relevant International and Australian standards, and DECO Australia warrants the finish accordingly.

Is DecoWood expensive?

DecoWood is a premium product and therefore often has a higher upfront cost than timber and standard powder coating. However, there are significant long-term savings made with DecoWood over the life of the product.

First, you save the time and cost of ongoing timber maintenance, such as sanding and staining. Second, many products in the DECO Australia range are easy DIY projects, providing you with the opportunity to save on installation costs. Finally, aluminium's proven durability means that it will need to be replaced less frequently.

Contact us on 02 9603 1888 or email us on info@deco.net.au for an obligation-free quote.

How close to the ocean can DecoWood be used?

DecoWood is a Super Durable powder coating and can therefore be used directly next to salt water.

Can I apply DecoWood to existing windows, doors, etc.?

No, DecoWood can only be applied to new products.

What textures are available?

A number of different textures are available to suit your preference and project requirements. The standard texture has a natural, woodgrain feel, but alternatives include:
• Satin
• Gloss
• Matte
• Anti-slip (limited colour range)
• Anti-graffiti

Contact us on 02 9603 1888 to find out more about the properties of these alternative finishes.

What does the warranty cover?

DecoWood offers a 12-year warranty with conditions as set out in the Australian Standard (AS3715). The warranty covers peeling, flaking, chipping, change of colour (within the allowable limits) and gloss level. View finish warranty details here.


There are 30 woodgrain finishes in the DecoWood Colour Series featuring a selection of our favourite native, exotic and contemporary timbers.

How to order a DecoWood product

There are multiple ways to order DecoWood, depending on your needs.

If you would like to order products from the DECO range (DecoDeck, DecoSlat, DecoClad or DecoBatten), choose your product and finish and contact our friendly team on 02 9603 1888 or email info@deco.net.au.

If you would like another product in the DecoWood finish, find a distributor near you on the Where to Buy page.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project, please feel free to contact us on 02 9603 1888 or email info@deco.net.au.


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