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What can DecoWood be used for?
DecoWood can be applied to any aluminium or steel product. Choose from our range of products including DecoDeck decking system, DecoClad cladding, DecoSlat for fences and screens and DecoBatten for facades, vertical fences and architectural features. DecoWood is also commonly used for aluminium windows and doors, louvre windows, aluminium plantation shutters and steel garage doors.

Does it scratch?
DecoWood is a thick, Super Durable powder coating that is extremely difficult to scratch or scruff. If you do happen to scratch the DecoWood, there are options available including buffing it out like a scratch in your car. Otherwise we have colour-matched touch up paints available, designed to blend in with the woodgrain finish. For DecoDeck you can even flip the plank over (without removing the whole deck) for a whole new plank.

How is it made?
DecoWood combines powder coating and photo imaging technology to realistically replicate the look and feel of timber. First the metal is treated and powder coated, then we transfer photographic images directly into the powder coating so that it is embedded into the powder coating. This process is known as sublimation. It is not a stick on film, nor is the woodgrain pattern printed onto the surface.

How expensive is it?
Most products with the DecoWood finish are comparable to equivalent timber products in terms of the outright cost. However, DecoWood saves you the ongoing maintenance costs, and as aluminium is more durable than timber, it will require less frequent replacement. Products such as DecoDeck, DecoSlat, DecoClad and DecoBatten were designed as easy do-it-yourself systems, so you can save costs on installation as well.

What is the warranty for the DecoWood finish?
DecoWood comes with a 12 year warranty* with conditions as set out in the Australian Standard (AS3715). View finish warranty details here.

DecoWood offers an extensive colour range of 30 different woodgrain finishes. click here to view the range.

How to order DecoWood:
Depending on your needs, there are different ways to order DecoWood.
If you would like to order a DecoWood product such as DecoDeck, DecoClad, DecoSlat or DecoBatten, please email or call our friendly and professional team on 02 9603 1888.

Other DecoWood products are supplied by a range of manufacturers, fabricators, builders and installers Australia-wide. Click on the Where to Buy page to find a distributor near you.

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