LocAl® Green Lower Carbon Aluminium


Cleaner, greener lower-carbon aluminium for your projects.

As one of the construction industry's most versatile building materials, aluminium has been responsible for bringing some of the most complicated modern-day designs to life. Strong, lightweight and one of the most corrosion resistant metals, aluminium has firmly established itself as one of the most usable building materials of the 21st century.

The benefits of aluminium as a building material are clear, however with the global average carbon emission for primary aluminium at approximately 13.9 Kg CO2e/kg Al, the aluminium industry and its players have an important role to play in global efforts towards reducing CO2 emissions caused by the production of primary or 'virgin' aluminium.

Our New Normal - LocAl® Green

LocAl® Green is the new lower-carbon primary aluminium offering by Capral Aluminium. LocAl® Green is sourced exclusively from Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certified smelters and has significantly less carbon emissions than the global average for primary aluminium at less than 8 kg CO2e/kg Al.

At DECO Australia we are proud to be leading the way by being the first to make the switch to LocAl® Green across our aluminium supply from Capral Aluminium. Using responsibly sourced lower-carbon aluminium in the production of our architectural building products is an important step in our commitment to responsible material sourcing and will give us the opportunity to save up to 4,400 tonnes of carbon annually.

Lower-carbon aluminium cladding

Cleaner, Greener Projects

DECO's switch to the LocAl® Green aluminium means the products we supply will ensure your project has a lower impact on our environment. Simply by purchasing DECO aluminium building products and systems, you can make a significant impact in the embodied carbon of your project.

Join us in this journey towards a more sustainable future, where responsible sourcing and environmental consciousness are central to our everyday.

Find out more about the benefits of LocAl® Green aluminium for your project visit lowcarbonaluminium.com.au.

lower carbon aluminium battens

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to pay more for LocAl® Green?
No. DECO Australia is pleased to be offering the LocAl® Green lower-carbon aluminium as standard across our product range.

Is LocAl® Green recycled aluminium?
No. LocAl® Green is primary aluminium or 'virgin' aluminium. Primary aluminium is made from bauxite, refined to make alumina before being smelted to make aluminium. LocAl® Green is recyclable at the end of it's life.

What about LocAl® Super Green aluminium?
DECO will work with Capral Aluminium to offer LocAl® Super Green aluminium on a request basis. Please note additional surcharges may apply.

Is LocAl® Green lower-carbon aluminium from Australian mines?
Australian aluminium smelters rely heavily on coal power, so LocAl® Green is currently sourced from ASI-certified smelters globally.

Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)

ASI is a global non-profit organisation that brings producers, users, and stakeholders together in the aluminium value chain. ASI members are committed to the responsible procurement and sustainable production of aluminium. This globally recognised organisation has become the cornerstone of sustainable aluminium procurement for the world's leading aluminium organisations delivering robust standards and transparency. Both DECO Australia and Capral Aluminium are ASI member organisations.

What to know more?

For more information on our switch to LocAl® Green lower-carbon aluminium, contact our team here or call 02 9603 1888.

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