5 Benefits of Powder Coating

Powder coating is a widely used coating method, utilised by manufacturers, civil engineers, construction companies and a variety of industries for its protective and decorative qualities.  It involves spraying your metal components with statically-charged powder particles, which attract and adhere to the part, and are then baked on, forming a smooth, uniform, attractive and hardwearing coating. While there are many protective and decorative finishing options on the market, powder coating has a wide range of benefits which help it stand out from the rest. Whether you are manufacturing fence posts, tractor parts, machine parts or even signs, here are 5 reasons why powder coating is an excellent choice for protecting your components. 

A uniform coating

Because powder coating is electrostatically applied, the static charge in the particles attracts them to your metal components. This means the powder even finds its way to difficult-to-reach crevices and corners in your parts, ensuring there are no uncoated areas. Because of the nature of application, the powder is also applied smoothly and evenly all the way round, preventing the varying surface thickness that can sometimes be found in paint and wet spray finishes. When the powder coating is baked, it melts and sets on the component, also preventing any drip marks from drying on the surface of the part.


A cheaper option

Because powder coatings are applied dry, it is easy to collect and reuse any powder that does not adhere to the part. Because less wastage is produced, less material needs to be used to complete each job – and this can reduce coating costs for your job.

Environmentally friendly 

Because powder coating does not contain harsh solvents or generate many airborne pollutants, it is considered to be a ‘green’, environmentally friendly coating. Powder coatings contain little to no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and therefore do not pose a significant health hazard or release pollution into the atmosphere.


Powder coating is a highly durable protective finish. Different powders can enhance different protective properties depending on the application – for example, some powders are marine grade and highly corrosion resistant, suitable for architectural applications, while others are more resistant to chemicals and abrasion, and are more suited to machine parts. 



Powder coating can be a decorative finish as well as a practical one. Powder coatings come in a wide variety of colours, textures and gloss levels that can hide surface imperfections in the metal beneath, as well as creating an attractive statement. A wide variety of plain colours are available, as well as metal and pearl tones. Textures such as hammer tone and ripple can create an interesting effect while also adding grip. To customise a powder coating further, patterns and designs can be photo imaged into the coating – for example, to achieve a timber look, concrete or tile effect. 

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