5 reasons DecoDeck makes the perfect summer deck

Summer is fast approaching, and a new deck is always at the top of the home project list before the warmer months hit. Make your new deck a reality this year with DecoDeck – the Australian made aluminium decking system that is easy to install and even easier to maintain. Discover why you should choose DecoDeck for your summer deck below. 

1. Be Slip Safe Around Your Pool or Spa 

An important consideration when choosing a deck for around a pool is the slip resistant rating. Safety is crucial and you can feel comfortable knowing that DecoDeck has a slip resistance rating of P4 (R11) for pool and spa surrounds. The Super Durable™ marine grade powder coating has rubber particles in it that provides a high-performance slip-resistant finish.

Furthermore, with all the splashing that goes on in a pool, you’ll need a deck that can withstand the chemicals used in a pool. DecoDeck has an excellent chemical resistance that protects it from damage and degradation caused by chlorine, salt and other chemicals.

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2. Be the Host/ess with the Mostest 

Summer is the best time for outdoor entertaining, which means lots of guests and inevitability drink and food spills. To fully enjoy entertaining this summer, you need to know your decking will withstand the daily activities it encounters throughout the silly season. A DecoDeck board has a 2.5mm wall thickness with ribs for structural integrity. The DecoWood finish is also 50% more durable than standard powder coated finishes, making it virtually impossible to rub off, peel off or wear away under foot traffic. You’ll also be pleased to know that life really is a breeze when it comes to entertaining on DecoDeck. It can be easily cleaned by hosing it down or mopping away any food stains from the night before. 

3. No Summer Chores

The last thing you want to be doing during your summer holidays is staining your deck, then DecoDeck is the right choice for you. DecoDeck is an aluminium decking system that has virtually no ongoing maintenance. DecoDeck offers the beauty of a natural timber deck while being a sturdy durable material that requires no painting, staining or sanding ever! 


4. Don't build a deck you can't walk in summer

There is no point having a deck if you can’t walk on it during a hot summers’ day. Timber and composite decking have very low thermal conductivity  and will get extremely hot in the sun as they retain the heat. Aluminium deck stays around the ambient temperate and only heats to that temperature rather than retaining heat and getting hotter and hotter. The DecoDeck boards are also hollow, which allows for airflow.  

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5. Be BushFire Safe 

If you are putting a deck in a bushfire prone area, you may be required to select a decking material and substructure that is fire safe. DecoDeck offers a BAL 40 and BAL FZ solution (including colour matched cover strips to insert between boards) that gives the appearance of a beautiful timber deck made from fire safe aluminium. Aluminium is non-combustible and the Super Durable DecoWood powder coating finish will not ignite when exposed to flames, making it the safest alternative to other decking products.


If want to spend the summer having fun outside with your family and friends, you’ll want a deck that not only looks great but provides superior performance. Choose DecoDeck. 

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