5 Reasons to Buy Australian-Made

Supporting the Australian economy isn’t the only reason why you should buy Australian-made products. There are in fact, many reasons why you should shop local. Here are DECO’s five reasons to buy Australian-made.

1. Made to Australian Standards

When it comes to locally manufactured products, Australians have very high standards. Consumers are likely to find Australian-made products are of a much higher quality compared to buying foreign brands. Australian companies will always strive to deliver on the expectations of the country’s high standards. Imported products and materials won’t always meet the Australian regulations and standards – therefore, it isn’t worth compromising safety and quality for a cheaper product. 

DECO’s products are manufactured and tested to comply with a range of standards and National Construction Codes.

2. Supporting Locals

One of the best things we can do to contribute to the economic development and prosperity in Australia is buying local/Australian-made products. Buying Australian-made supports the economy, Australian businesses and our jobs. There’s no need to seek an overseas company if you have a high-quality Australian business offering you exactly what you need.   

Did you know: DECO is an Australian- owned and operated family business in Minto, New South Wales, and it employs approximately 60 staff. 

3. Confidence in Quality

Due to strict regulations and high standards here in Australia, when you buy Australian-made you know that you are in investing in something that is made to last. Australia has a reputation for manufacturing and producing some of the highest quality products in the world. Australian-made products are manufactured up to the standards and not down to a price. 

DecoWood is made from the highest quality materials available, it can withstand harsh environmental conditions and it fully complies with Australian and international standards for quality. Click here for more information. 

4. Sustainable Manufacturing Methods

Sustainability is a fundamental part of manufacturing in Australia. The manufacturing of Australian-made products has strict environmental protection policies that need to be followed during the production process. Buying local also means a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that result from importing products from overseas.

Aluminium is strong, durable and recyclable. DECO’s products provide a sustainable alternative to PVC, wood composites and timber building products. Click here for more information. 

5. Warranties

Australian-made products all come with guarantees and warranties that ensure the protection of a consumer. Dealing with overseas companies when it comes to warranties can be difficult, however, when you buy Australian, you’ll get the help and service you need without much trouble. 

DecoWood comes with a 12 year warranty with conditions set out in the Australian Standard (AS3715).

How do you know if a product is genuinely made in Australia? Look for the registered trademark – Australian Made, Australian Grown. The green and gold kangaroo is Australia’s most trusted and recognised symbol. Click here for more information. 


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