5 Splashback Trends That Are Done Better With DecoSplash

DecoSplash is revolutionising kitchen style and practicality. While aluminium splashbacks are relatively new, they are proving to resolve the big issues presented by the old alternatives: glass, tiles and marble. With a range of 50+ designs plus the potential to use a custom image, any look can be achieved with DecoSplash, including these five current favourites.

DecoSplash is made using a two stage process. Aluminium flat sheets are first powder coated, then the selected photo is transferred and baked onto the hard-wearing finish. Contact us for a free sample.



Subway tiles, hexagonal tiles and grey slate tiles all appeal to homeowners because they match most kitchen styles, are one of the most affordable options and they are relatively timeless. But no matter what they tell you, grout lines attract bacteria and discolouration is inevitable. The same look can be achieved easily with DecoSplash, except with realistic maintenance requirements. Its smooth, glossy surface is inhospitable to germs and a simple spray and wipe with standard household cleaning products keeps it looking brand new.



Personalising your kitchen splashback is big right now, whether it’s with a map of your favourite city, a photo from your travels or a beloved piece of art. While you could get your favourite image printed and installed between two pieces of glass, DecoSplash is easier to make and install, uses less materials, is considerably more affordable and looks better for longer. Once the image is on, it will never rub off, peel off or fade.  Find out more here. 



The white carrera marble obsession has proved that it is here to stay. Unfortunately, it’s a cruel fact that a large statement piece of marble in the kitchen is far beyond many of our budgets. DecoSplash is an easy substitute for real marble with a highly realistic textured finish. When it’s fitted to the wall, no one will know that it’s actually lightweight aluminium except for you. Moreover, aluminium is non-porous, so it won’t harbour bacteria like marble. 


There’s something calming about window splashbacks, especially those looking out to a lush green garden. But for most of us, achieving this look would mean completely redesigning our house. The calm factor could also easily be replaced by anxiety as you get a daily reminder that the garden beyond the window needs watering/weeding/fixing. Who has time for that? Fortunately, you can achieve the same look and tranquillity (minus the anxiety) by using an image of your ideal garden arrangement on DecoSplash. 



Scandinavian style is the gift that keeps on giving, and one of those gifts is reintroducing elements of timber to the kitchen in that warmly minimalist way. While actual timber isn’t practical as a splashback and needs to be sealed for water and stain resistance, DecoWood timber finishes beautifully replicate the natural grain pattern of timber while withstanding the knocks and sprays of stovetop cooking. Use a DecoWood colour for the look of a large, single block of timber, or choose from a number of crafted, weathered timber designs. Pair it with block colour white, light grey or slate cupboards for an insta-worthy kitchen.

Hint: DecoSplash can also be used in the bathroom as a wet area lining

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