6 Surprising Uses for DecoBatten to Make Your House Pop

A touch of timber’s warmth used in the right way can make all the difference to your house’s wow factor. DecoBatten combines wood’s natural beauty with the durability and low maintenance of aluminium. Here’s how to use DecoBatten to turn heads with your next home project.


1. Vertical Fencing

Vertical fencing is all about clean lines and contemporary yet classic style. The “invisible” framing gives the battens the appearance of floating, even on stairs, a slope or in a curve. 

Vertical fencing works best with a square section such as the 40x40mm or 50x50mm options. Ideally spacing will be two-thirds of the post size, so roughly 27mm for 40mm posts and 33mm for 50mm posts. 


Close up: matching end caps finish off the timber look

TIP: DecoBatten fencing is a Do-It-Yourself installation system designed for beginners. If DIY is not your thing or you have a more complicated project, you can also ask any builder to install it for you.


2. Facades

A façade, whether it’s a single panel or a whole wall, adds texture and makes a design statement. Facades sustain long periods in the sun daily, and are often located in hard-to-reach places, so a durable, low maintenance solution is crucial.

Wall panels are useful to break up large, empty walls and can be doubled as shading over windows. Full wall facades can be cut around windows, and you can even cut an odd shape for a bit of extra verve.


TIP: As a general rule, use DecoBatten vertically for floor-to-ceiling applications and horizontally for narrow panels. 


3. Privacy Screens

Privacy screens are now seen as a necessity for Australian patios. They block the neighbours out while welcoming in the summer breeze and ventilating barbeque smoke.

Use a flat rectangular section in a smaller size, such as the DecoBatten 65x16mm or 75x25mm, and install them horizontally. 

You will need centre posts every 1.5 metres or less. You can choose between DecoWood, plain coated aluminium, brick or concrete for the centre posts, although brick or concrete will not be practical if you are attaching the screen to a deck.

DecoBatten screens are also useful for hiding ugly bins, water tanks and gardening supplies.


TIP: Check with your local Council first in case they have regulations about batten spacing.   


4. Ceilings

A DecoBatten ceiling can visually bring the ceiling in closer to create a sense of cosiness in large spaces, while concealing wiring and pipes. 

Use larger battens with gaps such as the ceiling shown here, or smaller battens butted up against each other, sort of like decking. 

TIP: You don't have to cover the whole ceiling, and in fact a "floating" panel of DecoBatten as a ceiling feature creates visual interest with different levels.


5. Storage Box Bench

You can never have too much storage space, and we all know how useful storage boxes can be for storing dirty shoes, gardening bits and other miscellany. Then close the lid and it doubles as a seat! 

Choose a lighter colour such as Weathered Timber for a beach theme, a warmer colour for country (Casuarina or Rose Mahogany), Teak for French provincial or darker Blackbutt or Wenge for Balinese style. 


6. Louvres

This is the statement piece. A bold showpiece, such as these immense 800 x 75 mm louvres, are an architectural feature, while controlling light and shade to the internal spaces. 

You don’t have to go this big to make an impact. More suited to single dwellings are the 150x50mm or 200x50mm battens, which still deliver the ‘wow’ factor while saving a pretty penny in comparison to timber.

TIP: Louvres are quite complex to install, so it is best to engage a builder or DecoBatten distributor to get the right sizing, spacing, angles and framing for your home.

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