Building in a Coastal Location

26 July 2019

Australians love to live in coastal areas. Beachfront and seaside properties are in demand, with the highest amount of development and land use since 2011 occurring near the cost a..

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Cost Effective, Low Maintenance Gable Ends

24 July 2019

The gable roof is the most common type of home roof and is suitable for most regions in Australia. A gable is a simple and functional design that is easy to build and can take on v..

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5 Fitout Products Every Hospitality Business Needs

23 July 2019

Every business needs a store front that stands out and captures the personality of their brand. Whether you're running a cosy bakery, friendly cafe or an edgy, modern restauran..

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Long term costs that can affect your project

18 July 2019

When choosing materials for your building project, it can be easy to opt for low-cost items that will save you on initial material and installation expenses. While it may seem easi..

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DecoSplash with Urban Sensations

12 July 2019

  Project Profile: Take me to New York  Builder: Urban SensationsLocation: VictoriaProduct: DecoSplashDesign: New York Together with their practical applications, spla..

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Pairing Timber and Concrete Looks: Why You Shouldn't Miss This Chic New Trend

08 July 2019

When planning to build or design a new home or commercial building, keeping on-trend and creating something stylish and aesthetically pleasing is likely at the forefront of your mi..

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Effortless Concrete Look with DecoCrete

04 July 2019

The use of concrete is becoming more and more popular with the emergence a new design trend that takes inspiration from industrial spaces. Factories, warehouses and industrial area..

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Timber trends – DecoWood Finish for the Season

01 July 2019

Warm up this winter with our DecoWood colour of the month – Teak. Teak is already one of the most popular timbers used outdoors, and now you can have it with the durability o..

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Case Studies: Teflon and Anodised coatings for commercial cookware

27 June 2019

DECO Industrial's quality surface finishes provide excellent protection and an attractive finish for commercial cookware, from baking trays and pans to unusual shaped moulds. D..

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Not just for guns: the many ways you can use Cerakote

24 June 2019

If you have worked in defence, or buy and restore guns as a hobby, no doubt you have heard of Cerakote, the highly durable, thin-film ceramic coating often used on weapon parts. It..

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