The Dulux Colour Forecast for 2022 has been Unveiled!

10 September 2021

The 2022 forecast is about keeping calm and positive, featuring three exciting colour palettes comprising of earthy tones and natural textures.   Since the pan..

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Five Different Ways to use DecoWood

06 September 2021

DecoWood® is a premium woodgrain powder-coated finish. Through innovative photo-imaging technology, DecoWood® can transform a wide range of aluminium buildings products to ..

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What is pretreatment and why is it important?

24 August 2021

Protective coatings can add significant longevity and durability to machined components. Corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance are all highly valued properties of protective ..

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Six ways to add value to your backyard

18 August 2021

Your backyard is not just a place to mow the lawn – backyards are quickly becoming one of the focal spaces of the home. The backyard is both your personal sanctuary for when ..

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Top 5 Finishes for the Automotive Industry

10 August 2021

Australia may have moved away from manufacturing cars, but the automotive industry is still booming, with car parts, modifications, enhancements and repairs all making up a large p..

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Timber VS Timber-look Aluminium

02 August 2021

Timber can be a cost-efficient building material, with many great characteristics for both interior and exterior building projects. However, the natural characteristics of most tim..

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Teflon in Food Processing Applications

16 July 2021

Teflon coating is more than just a non-stick coating for the bottom of fry pans. It is a versatile finish that offers a wealth of benefits. Because no substance will stick to it, i..

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Australia's Timber Shortage – What are the Alternatives?

13 July 2021

We are all well aware that the reduction in timber imports and lack of domestic production is causing massive issues in the building and construction industry.  The demand fo..

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Warm up this Winter with these DecoWood Woodgrains

07 July 2021

For busy households, time-saving, low-maintenance homes are highly desirable – and DecoWood is the ultimate solution for achieving effortless, beautiful living. While lighter..

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Which Coatings Are Suitable for Defence Land Vehicles?

05 July 2021

Defence land vehicles, whether they are tanks, trucks or small unmanned vehicles, need to withstand everything that can be thrown at them. From abrasion from rough terrain to extre..

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