Australian made, Australia wide

25 January 2017

It’s Australia Day – time to celebrate our beautiful country. Before we don our thongs and chuck a prawn on the barbie, we thought we’d take a moment to celebrate..

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DecoWood Woodgrain Highlights in New Mirvac Development

23 January 2017

The brand new Brighton Lakes Golf and Recreational Club in Moorebank, New South Wales features DecoWood timber look battens on their grand entrance in two creative appl..

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How To: Protect Your Home From Ember Attack

01 December 2016

Summer is here. For many of us this means barbeques, long days at the beach and a holiday somewhere. But summer can also be nerve-racking, with the threat of a bushfire looming i..

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5 Winning DecoWood Colour Combinations

26 October 2016

Moody Wenge, vibrant Jarrah, subtle Antique White, classic Western Red Cedar: 19 different DecoWood timber finishes means endless colour combinations and style possibilities. Ther..

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FAQ Answered: What is 'Marine Grade' and why is it important?

20 October 2016

With most Australians living along the coast, building houses to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of seaside living is pretty important. Whether you live 5cm or 5km fro..

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Insider: Real Wood vs DecoWood

16 October 2016

There are many reasons why we started DecoWood. Mainly we noticed how scruffy timber looks after a few years without maintenance, and once we started seeing it we noticed that scru..

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5 Splashback Trends That Are Done Better With DecoSplash

27 September 2016

DecoSplash is revolutionising kitchen style and practicality. While aluminium splashbacks are relatively new, they are proving to resolve the big issues presented by the old altern..

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7 Remarkable Facts About Aluminium Recycling

13 September 2016

You may have never thought about the humble journey of an aluminium can after it is tossed away, let alone the fate of your aluminium windows and doors. Aluminium recycling is a c..

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FAQ Answered: How Much Maintenance Is 'Low Maintenance'?

01 September 2016

Finally winter is behind us, and while it’s not yet beach weather, it is the time of year when we start to turn our minds towards spring cleaning.  One of the distingui..

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FAQ Answered: Does DecoWood fade?

08 August 2016

“Does it fade?” is one of the most common questions we receive at home shows. For people looking for an alternative to timber (which quickly turns silvery-grey in Austr..

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