Not just for guns: the many ways you can use Cerakote

24 June 2019

If you have worked in defence, or buy and restore guns as a hobby, no doubt you have heard of Cerakote, the highly durable, thin-film ceramic coating often used on weapon parts. It..

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Why You Should Refurbish Your Teflon Cookware

17 June 2019

If you work in the baking or food industry, you won’t be a stranger to Teflon and its famous non-stick properties – chances are, most of the baking trays, pots, pans an..

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Creating safe, hygienic and attractive hospital spaces with DecoSplash

12 June 2019

Hospital construction costs are on the rise in Australia. A recent report by the Australian Business Review states that regulatory constraints contribute to these rising costs, mak..

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Interview with an Architect: Jordan Curran

07 June 2019

Clarke Hopkins Clarke are a well-known and respected Architecture firm based in Melbourne and Sydney. Some of their innovative and impressive projects featuring DECO products inclu..

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Project Profile: Gossi Shelters

05 June 2019

Project: Highfields Park Shelters Builder: Gossi Park – Park and Street Furniture DecoWood Colour: Kwila Gossi Park are manufacturers and installers of a range of stylish ..

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Understanding the different grades of aluminium

03 June 2019

Aluminium is used for a wide range of applications – but what you may not realise is that it comes in many different forms, each of them suited to different purposes. Alumini..

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What are VOCs and why should we avoid them?

27 May 2019

DECO prides itself on producing VOC-free powder-coated aluminium products – but what does that mean? Many people pride themselves on supporting VOC-free products and industri..

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A coat of many colours: the wide range of powder coating colours in Australia

20 May 2019

When it comes to powder coating industrial components, colour plays more of a role than you may initially realise. The colour you choose to powder coat your machinery, fencing, pos..

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The Ultimate Exterior Cladding Solution

16 May 2019

Recent disasters such as the Lacrosse and Grenfell tower fires have made fire safe cladding a top concern for the Australian design and construction industry. Increased regulation ..

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Achieve effortless style and performance with ‘Quick Click’ Battens

13 May 2019

As construction costs continue to rise in Australia, cost-conscious clients are demanding building solutions that offer value for money whilst still delivering on performance and d..

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