Achieve effortless style and performance with ‘Quick Click’ Battens

As construction costs continue to rise in Australia, cost-conscious clients are demanding building solutions that offer value for money whilst still delivering on performance and design. 

DECO is constantly innovating to provide solutions for designers and specifiers to help them meet the demands of the market and the stringent requirements of the National Construction Code. The DECO product range offers style and versatility without compromising on quality and performance. 

DecoBatten offers a high-performing timber alternative for battens and beams. DecoBatten replicates the look, form and function of real timber battens and is now available in a new two-piece ‘Quick Click’ batten. This product is designed to provide a no-fuss, easy-to-install solution that will help save money on installation and maintenance costs for residential and commercial projects. 


With no painting, sanding or staining ever required, DecoBatten Quick Click offers effortless architectural style made from the highest quality of materials.  Its lightweight characteristics and easy-to-install system reduce the costs spent on labour and construction time.  The two-part system has been designed with a secure grip which allows the batten to be installed directly to a surface with no need for mounts or frames. This provides designers with the flexibility to achieve the desired look for their project. The concealed base also creates a clean, contemporary and professional finish. 

DecoBatten Quick Click can be used for a myriad of applications and is ideal for internal and external spaces. Popular applications include wall and ceilings features, for inspiration please click here.

Quick Click battens are available in a range of sizes and colours, all of which showcase our signature high-quality photo imaging technology. Quick Click batten options include a 50mm Square cover, 100mm or 150mm Rectangle cover and 80mm Radius or 80mm 60-degree Angled covers. DECO offers a Secure Screw feature which is reinforced to allow for additional fixings that can withstand extreme weather situations. 


 Photo by Silvertone Photography

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