Achieve Elegant, Long-Lasting Soffit Linings with DecoClad®

When designing a multi-residential or multi-storey building, soffit linings are a fantastic way of adding elegance and style. Soffit linings can convey the character of a building, whether it be a contemporary urban feature or a more traditional design.  

Natural materials such as timber can add an element of beauty and visual appeal to a balcony or soffit lining, enhancing a multi-res building and adding a homely, tranquil quality that its residents will appreciate. The look and feel of a timber balcony soffit lining is popular among large and small buildings in the city, by the coast and in the suburbs.  

However, timber presents challenges when installed on multi-residential buildings, including its high need for maintenance, combustibility and tendency to distort and fade over time. Architects and designers are therefore seeking to specify alternative materials that can add a touch of elegance to a soffit lining while withstanding the tests of time and nature.  

DecoClad®, the timber-look aluminium cladding system from DECO Australia, provides the ultimate soffit lining solution. Architects can specify the natural beauty, warmth and texture of timber, adding that natural touch, while still meeting building specifications for safety, durability and longevity.   

Colour, Style and Texture 

Natural palettes and biophilic design are extremely popular, and timber-look soffit linings allow that natural element to flow seamlessly across the building design, connecting each apartment through consistency. DecoClad® offers a realistic textured, sublimated powder coat finish that perfectly replicates that natural timber appearance. With a range of woodgrain finishes available, DecoClad® can imitate a variety of popular Australian, exotic and contemporary timbers to suit different designs, from a cool Curly Birch for a coastal multi-res to vibrant cedars to add colour and brightness to a country or city building.  

Fire Safety 

As a result of the Grenfell and Lacrosse cladding fires, the National Construction Code (NCC) has had stringent requirements about the types of materials that can be used on multi-residential buildings. Buildings with three or more storeys must be constructed out of products deemed to satisfy NCC requirements as non-combustible materials. This makes it difficult to achieve a natural look on high-rise and other multi-residential buildings, as real timber and composites are combustible and therefore unsafe for use.  

DecoClad®, however, is a 100% non-combustible material. Made from solid aluminium with a sublimated, powder coat finish that will not ignite or spread flame. DecoClad® can be specified to add a natural element to high-rise and multi-residential buildings, without compromising on fire safety.  


Depending on their location, multi-res buildings can be exposed to a variety of harsh elements. Due to their size and height, soffit linings and cladding are at a higher risk of being exposed to deterioration due to salt spray, moisture, pollution and strong sunlight. While timber would rot, warp, swell and crack from this sort of exposure, DecoClad® features a Class 2 Super Durable™ powder coat finish that has been tested extensively in extreme exposure locations. When exposed consistently to harsh weather conditions, the DecoWood® finish did not fade or discolour, allowing the desired aesthetic to withstand the test of time and preserve the beauty of the design.  


Many timber and timber-alternative products specified require significant maintenance to keep up their appearance. Staining, oiling and painting are common hassles building owners are left to deal with — a feat which can be difficult where soffit linings are concerned —  and many contractors are now seeking to specify low-maintenance alternatives that will save hassle in the long run. The long-term maintenance of a building also has a significant impact on its sustainability and total carbon impact, so by using DecoClad®, specifiers and building owners will also be taking a responsible environmental approach. 

DecoClad® offers everything architects need to specify the ideal soffit lining product. Whether you are planning your next project or just seeking inspiration, contact us to discuss your ideas and find out how DecoClad® can add the perfect touch to your next multi-residential building.  

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