Architecture and Design Predicted Trends for 2021

Every decade brings exciting new ideas and solutions to the architecture and design industry and we are expecting some bold choices this year to mark the start of a new era. 

Whilst some trends will continue, this year we anticipate more eco-friendly choices, hygienic solutions and unexpected materials and finishes. DECO predicts the next big design trends to look out for in 2021.

1. Metallic Textures and Finishes

This year we will see the use of metallic materials to achieve interesting textures and sleek designs. Tones that are bold, lustrous and radiant will be popular when creating unique design aesthetics.

Traditional materials such as timber and polished stone will always be a design staple, but in 2021 we predict building designs will combine a unique mix of metallic finishes with these popular choices.

Anodised aluminium will be the big trend to watch for many projects. Anodised aluminium is a translucent, highly durable finish, presenting a metallic lustre perfect for architectural applications.


2. Antibacterial, Safe Materials

Without a doubt, we are all more conscious about hygiene and cleanliness since the COVID-19 outbreak. The pandemic will no doubt create new trends in the design world, placing a greater importance on our health and safety. We predict there will be more use of easily-cleaned (non-porous) and antimicrobial materials. 

For those wanting to improve the sanitation quality of their building design, and for industries with strict hygiene standards (i.e. health and aged care), DECO Australia offers easy-to-clean and maintain products, all finished in an antimicrobial powder coat finish. To find out more about specifying our antimicrobial powders for your next job, contact us.

3. Eco and Wellness-friendly design

Over the last few years, architects and designers have been actively trying to do their part for the planet and specifying eco-friendly solutions. From this, we have seen an industry trend growing in popularity which includes biophilic design combined with sustainable solutions. It is also widely believed that natural materials and organic elements relieve stress and evoke a sense of wellbeing. 

A high-quality woodgrain finish like DecoWood® can be applied to almost any aluminium architectural product, providing a sustainable and durable solution whist still achieving a connection to nature with its beautiful appearance. DECO is proud to supply the industry with an ecologically sustainable alternative. Aluminium is a highly regarded building material because of its strength and durability, together with the ease of recycling. DECO’s finishes are created with a durable powder coating on aluminium that never requires painting, and therefore produces none of the VOC emissions that are involved with paints and stains.

Architects and designers can rejoice knowing they can achieve the visual aspects of a biophilic design without compromising on quality and sustainability.


4. Increased focus on outdoor spaces and renovations

Since the global pandemic, we have all realised how much we appreciate the outdoors and open space around us. The demand for relaxing outdoor areas, kitchens and backyard luxuries has skyrocketed since people became more confined to their homes and apartments. 

As travelling is limited and our travelling options are still unknown in the upcoming year, investing in home renovations and improving our outdoor spaces will take centre stage. Consumers and professionals will seek quality outdoor products to create enjoyable spaces including shade sculptures, privacy screening and maintenance-free flooring and decking. 

5. Industrial Style

The popularity and love of the industrial-style aesthetic is set to continue into 2021. 

Characterised by polished concrete, exposed bricks and metal accents, industrial style is one of the most popular design trends. Interestingly, the concrete or Corten rust-look can be achieved using a variety of alternative building materials including powder coated aluminium. 

Lightweight, solid aluminium is the perfect alternative to achieve a natural aesthetic without the hassle of installing heavy concrete or dealing with leaching from rusted steel. To find out more, check out DECO’s DecoVogue finishes for aluminium.



Need some inspiration? Discover a huge range of architectural building products and surface finishes at The DECO Innovation Centre on Airds Road in Minto, New South Wales. Click here to find out more


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