Budgeting: How Much Does A Façade Cost?

As creative and unique façade designs become increasingly popular, architects, designers and builders are seeking materials that will contribute to their desired aesthetic, while still complying with Australian and international standards. However, when choosing materials for your building façade, it is important to consider your budget. On top of material costs, cladding products often come with unforeseen costs which can impact your overall project budget, so it is important to consider all these factors when specifying a material. As well as economic costs, such as the price of installation and maintenance, it is crucial to also consider environmental and safety costs, which can impact the life of the product and of your façade.

Installation Costs

Installation costs are more than just labour costs – they also cover transportation and equipment required to install the product. Timber and brick cladding products can be heavy and difficult to transport, and may require specialist services to install, adding extra to your estimated project expenditure. Choosing a lightweight solution such as DECO's aluminium DecoClad or DecoBatten can reduce the time and labour required for installation, and therefore reduce overall project expenses.

Maintenance Costs

As well as the initial cost of a product, the expenditure required over the product’s lifetime should be considered, as this will impact your project's long-term value. Rather than just considering the cost to build your next project, factor in its operation and maintenance costs over the next few decades and choose a product that will last a long time without expensive ongoing maintenance. Products which deteriorate rapidly will also need to be replaced periodically, adding more to your costs. Timber, rendering and fibre cement require frequent refinishing to prevent deterioration. A durable, low-maintenance finish, such as powder-coated or sublimated aluminium, is more resistant to the elements and therefore requires less ongoing maintenance.

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Safety and Compliance

Although the safety of a product may not directly contribute to the cost, choosing a product resistant to fire and other damage can greatly reduce the risk of needing to pay for damages down the track. Non-combustible products, such as DECO's solid aluminium range, can reduce the risk of flame spread and therefore reduce the risk of widespread damage to a building, saving on replacement and rebuilding costs. Choosing compliant products will also eliminate the need for recladding in the future if the building is audited.


Sustainable cladding solutions not only help your façade design create a green footprint, but make the overall but reduce costs on the building by making it more energy-efficient. Timber and brick claddings are effective at insulating a building, while aluminium allows insulation to be backset behind it without additional support, making the façade more thermally efficient and helping control temperature.

Aesthetic Value

There is no underestimating the aesthetic value of a building project. Creating an innovative and unique design using colour, texture, pattern and scale can add to the value of the building, as well as its curb appeal and its positive impact on the community. DECO's powder coated aluminium cladding products offer a wide variety of shapes, colours and textured finishes to suit different design aesthetics, allowing designers to create unique facades with unparalleled visual appeal.


With a range of creative, durable solid aluminium façade products, DECO offers a range of solutions to make your design project attractive, sustainable and cost-effective. DECO offers three different cladding options: DecoClad®, a traditional cladding board with five different styles available; DecoPanel®, a flat panel with customisable sizes and perforations for contemporary designs; and DecoBatten®, a complete batten cladding system to speak to today’s batten cladding trends. Each of these cladding options is lightweight, with simple fixing systems to reduce installation time and costs. Recyclable and 100% non-combustible, DECO’s cladding solutions are sustainable and comply with Australian standards for fire safety. As well as being low-maintenance, the Super Durable™ powder coat finish on DECO’s cladding products also allows for design flexibility, and is available in a wide range of solid, timbergrain, rust-look, concrete-look and anodised colours.

If you are looking for a way to reduce your façade cladding budget, while still creating a compliant, sustainable and attractive design, contact us today to discuss our cladding ranges in more detail.


Find out more about cladding façade costs in our white paper, A Specifier’s Guide: The Hidden Costs of Cladding, available to download here.

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