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The Australian building industry and general public have become more aware of the environmental impact of construction activities. The use of timber products as a building material is especially problematic given the consequences of logging, high resource consumption, and the emission of greenhouse gasses during transport and manufacturing. The need to regularly care for timber after installation, including painting and staining, can release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. While sustainable timber plantations exist, not all timber supplied in Australia comes from such sources, threatening natural habitats and wildlife. Wood composites also tend to disintegrate at a fast rate and therefore require frequent replacement.

With this in mind, there is a growing industry and consumer demand for sustainable alternatives to timber. Designers and specifiers are seeking innovative building materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable, without compromising on functionality, style or quality. 

DECO’s strong, practical and aesthetically pleasing range of finished aluminium building products are an environmentally-friendly and sustainable alternative to timber, wood composites and PVC products. DecoWood is our textured woodgrain powder coating for aluminium windows, doors, decking, fences, gates, cladding and other architectural features As a hard-wearing finish that delivers the natural warmth and character of real timber, DecoWood products can be used as a timber alternative, resolving many of the environmental issues associated with timber building products. 

Aluminium should not be overlooked. Over 75% of aluminium ever produced is still in use today as it can be easily recycled indefinitely without loss of performance. Recycling aluminium requires minimal energy consumption and most aluminium production is often powered by 100% hydro power, including refineries in Canada, Norway, Australia and New Zealand. Aluminium’s long lifespan and superior strength ensure it remains suitable for long after initial installation, reducing the need for ongoing maintenance and replacement. 

DECO’s products do not require the logging of trees and are made from recyclable material. Our aluminium building solutions minimise the energy consumption associated with maintenance, replacement and repair while also containing no VOCs, solvents or PVC.

Our products deliver on quality, performance and functionality for a wide range of residential and commercial projects, meeting structural and non-combustibility requirements as required by the National Construction Code. DECO products are also lightweight and easy to install, minimising the labour and resources needed during installation. 

The demand for sustainable and eco-friendly products is continuing to increase and DECO intends to meet the evolving needs of the Australian building industry and the wider community.


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