Choosing the right DecoWood® colour for your project

Choosing a stunning woodgrain that brings out the best in your project can make all the difference. DECO’s attractive range of timber-look finishes for aluminium, DecoWood, offers you a wide range of colours suitable for all types of spaces, building elements and designs. 

Indoor Open Spaces

For indoor spaces such as stores or open-plan receptions, make sure you choose colours that liven up your space. The Scandi-Style is a popular choice for interior spaces because of its light coloured timbers. Choosing a lighter woodgrain can also make your space look bigger and more welcoming, and help reflect natural or artificial light. Warm yellow colours are predicted to be a popular interior décor trend for 2020 as well, so why not decorate with a woodgrain that brightens your area and creates a stunning modern style?

DECO recommends: DecoWood® American Oak is an attractive yellow timber grain ideal for making indoor spaces look bigger and brighter. Its soft, warm hue also acts as a lovely contrast to bold colours and designs – perfect agains a statement design or logo. DecoWood® American Oak has been used for a number of branded stores, including SportsGirl, LuluLemon and Caltex’s The Foodary.



Classic Decking Looks

The Aussie backyard deck is one of the staple statement pieces of any garden. Classic timber decks are still the golden standard for decking, with many Australians desiring that natural beauty and warmth that comes from timber. DecoDeck®, our timber-look aluminium decking, is the ideal alternative to a timber deck. Not only is it suitable for bushfire prone areas, but it will not warp or rot, is termite resistant and comes in an array of stunning natural woodgrain colours. Timeless favourite colour timbers and varnishes for decks include warm reddish browns and greys.  

DECO recommends: For a chic or coastal vibe, DecoWood® Weathered Timber is an attractive greyish timber grain and a fan favourite. For a more traditional bushland deck that stands out well against greenery and makes a statement, go with a stunning DecoWood® Casuarina or Western Red Cedar deck.  

imageDecoWood Casuarinaimage

Trendy Battens

Vertical battens are all the rage – no doubt even today you’ve passed at least one house or shop flaunting this chic new trend. Battens add a stylish accent to your building, either complementing the other colours on your home design, or contrasting them to make a standout feature. Timber-look battens are especially popular at the moment, adding a natural touch to a contemporary façade. For battens that will withstand the tests of time, DecoBatten™ timber-look aluminium battens can help you create the ideal batten façade for your home or even your business, with a wide range of colours to choose from to add some natural beauty to your design.  

DECO recommends: Warm brown colours such as DecoWood® Kwila are ideal for giving a house a comforting, homey feel. Their rich tones stand out well against lighter bricks and concrete, and pair well with greenery and native plants. Perth’s stunning Barnard House is an excellent example of how DecoBattens finished in DecoWood Kwila can add a beautiful touch to your home. 


Flowing Designs

Match your decking with your windows, or your façade battens with your garage door for a seamless design that flows through your entire property. Soft-toned timber grains with swirling patterns can create a stunning natural element that can carry through the décor across your whole house.

DECO recommends: DecoWood Spotted Gum is an aesthetically pleasing timbergrain with soft, earthy tones that can complement any home design. Use this gentle colour for a flowing design that gives your entire property comforting, relaxing vibes. This stunning home by Ausmar Homes carries the DecoWood Spotted Gum colour through its façade battens, the decking on the front porch, and its garage door, for a consistent aesthetic that brings the natural look of timber to life. 


Mix and Match Colours 

Mixing and matching colours is one of this season’s sensational design trends. There’s nothing like a perfect contrast of light and dark timber grains to play off each other and really make a standout feature wall. 

DECO recommends: Try two drastically different timber grains that will stand out against each other and play up the contrast between light and dark. DecoWood Tasmanian Oak and DecoWood Wenge are two great colours to try together for a bold, daring look.  


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