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With Australia’s population growing and ageing, the demand for more facilities will increase, requiring the design and construction industry to identify cost-effective, safe and high performing design solutions that can withstand the demands of everyday activities. Solid, powder coated aluminium products has the advantages of strength, durability, flexibility, lightness and low maintenance.

Installation Costs

Designers and specifiers must think beyond the purchase price and consider the total installation cost of a building product including transport, labour and equipment. Lightweight, easily-installed, and flexible solutions with the ability to be pre-assembled offsite can significantly reduce costs by minimising the total hours of labour required. Solid aluminium products are a lightweight and high-performing alternative to heavy building products. 

Fire Safety 

Due to recent regulatory reform in Australia, specifiers must select reputable products with fire performance characteristics that comply with relevant Australian Building Standards to avoid incurring removal and replacement costs. Solid Aluminium is inherently non-combustible and its powder coating will only char when exposed to a heat source. 


Picture above: DecoDeck Facade at Concord Hospital, New South Wales

Maintenance Costs

An academic study found that initial building costs account for approximately two per cent of the total cost of a building over a 30-year period, whereas operating and maintenance costs amount to six per cent. Powder coated aluminium delivers long-term durability and aesthetics with minimal maintenance and on-going costs. Some sectors simply don’t have the funding (and are time poor) to properly maintain a building, however failure to maintain building products can result in repairs, enhancing the total project costs.


Aluminium is highly regarded as a sustainable building material because of its strength and durability. Timber-look aluminium is an ecologically sustainable alternative to timber. Timber involves the destruction of forests, use of paints that release harmful VOCs into the atmosphere, waste from timber that has not been treated correctly, aged, or is not straight. 

Creative Freedom

Versatile, high-quality materials and systems with a variety of design options can enhance a project’s unique visual appeal. Aluminium is very flexible product, available in a range of extrusions to suit all projects. Furthermore, there is an endless amount of powder coating and decorative finishes available to achieve any design.


Picture above: DecoDeck at Cabrini Hospital, Victoria


With their innovative finishing technology, high standards of customer service and commitment to creating high quality, sustainable alternatives to traditional building products, DECO meets the evolving needs of the Australian building industry and the wider community. DECO’s finishes are available in an antimicrobial finish for those sectors with strict hygiene safety requirements, as well as anti-graffiti and fade resistant. In addition, all their products have been fire tested and certified by CSIRO.

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