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If you own a café, restaurant or another business within the hospitality sector, you know time and effort are of the essence. With high levels of foot traffic and busy periods throughout your day, it can be difficult to dedicate your time to ongoing maintenance of your premises. We know that keeping your business looking its best can be crucial to maintaining your brand and attracting customers – so choosing products that are beautiful, long-lasting and easy to maintain is a must. Here are some of our favourite picks for effortless hospitality designs that make a brand statement. 

Exterior Cladding

Put your best foot forward with some stunning cladding on the outside of your premises. DecoClad®, the timber-look aluminium cladding from DECO, is a beautiful and customisable cladding option with a range of board styles, colours and finishes available. 


Check out this beautiful fitout at Betty’s Burgers Cronulla for DecoClad® inspiration. The designers chose DecoWood® French Wash as the finish, for a beautiful whitewashed design that complemented both the coastal location and the relaxed atmosphere and brand personality of the burger brand. Made from marine grade powder coated aluminium, DecoClad® requires no ongoing staining or painting, freeing up time to devote to taking care of customers and creating mouth-watering meals. 

Aluminium Windows and Doors

Beautiful big timber windows and bi-fold doors add a design statement, whilst allowing customers to enjoy the fresh air. Australia's harsh conditions means that timber windows and doors need to be maintained regularly to ensure a venue continues to look its best. Our Super Durable DecoWood® powder coat finish transforms aluminium window frames into a natural looking wooden window, without the ongoing maintenance. Now that's a win!



Everyone loves a batten design. No matter what sort of hospitality business you are running, we have timber-look aluminium battens to suit your needs, with square, rectangular, round and angled battens as well as a range of timber-look, anodised, rust-look, concrete-look and solid colours. DecoBatten® is the durable, low-maintenance batten with an easy QuickClick™ two-piece system, allowing you to easily affix battens to your shop front or interior walls for a stunning design. DecoBatten® one-piece battens can also be installed horizontally or vertically for a variety of creative designs. 

 baristas shed

The Home Hub in Marsden Park combines an array of batten sizes to create a unique textured canopy over its shops and cafes. 

Panel Ceilings

Remember, it’s not true that all the most important details should be eye-level. Make your ceiling stand out with unique colours or styles that reflect your brand. DecoPanel® is DECO’s flat panel system, with customisable shapes, perforations and other styles available to help create something unique to your brand. Choose from DecoWood®, DecoVogue™ concrete or rust-look, DecoUltra® anodised or DecoCoat® solid colours to find a style that resonates with your brand personality and identity.


The Respite Bar in Lugarno features DecoVogue™ rust-look finish on custom pressed aluminium panels for a vintage vibe that reflects the cosy atmosphere of this peaceful, relaxed bar. 

Customised table tops

Every part of your hospitality space is part of a bigger picture that showcases your brand and aesthetic. Even your table tops can fit seamlessly in with your design, or make a statement. With DecoArt®, you can choose your desired image, design or pattern for aluminium tabletops. With antimicrobial, anti-graffiti finishes available, you can create stunning designer table tops with images that are resistant to scrapes from plates and cutlery and will not peel off. DecoArt® finishes can also easily be wiped down with a damp cloth, making cleaning your tables easier than ever. 


Interior Designers Custom Metal Imagery have used DecoArt® in a variety of styles for their laser cut aluminium table tops, to create unique branded fitout solutiuons ideal for hospitality businesses. 

Designing a fitout space? Contact our friendly team for more information or to discuss your project. 

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