DECO Avoids One Million Kilograms of CO2e

In June 2023, DECO Australia made the switch to lower carbon aluminium and have recently passed a significant milestone – avoiding the release of over one million kilograms of C02e emissions.  

DECO proudly became the first building product manufacturer to commit to switching all of our aluminium products extruded by Capral to their LocAl® Green lower carbon aluminium. At just 8kg of C02e per kilogram of aluminium, LocAl Green offered a significant saving in emissions when compared to the average emissions of primary aluminium.  

DECO’s General Manager, Richard Hamber announced the great news at the Sustainability Building Summit and Awards this month, noting how fantastic it was to see the impact in such a brief period of time.  

“Since making the switch to LocAl Green, we have reduced the CO2e emissions associated with our aluminium supply by more than 1,600,000 kg. It’s a wonderful result.” 

The addition of lower carbon aluminium will pass on the benefits to DECO’s customers says Richard.  

“We are aware of increasing pressure on architects, builders, and the wider construction industry to reduce the embodied carbon of their projects. LocAl® Green will ensure DECO’s range of aluminium building products will assist in reducing emissions and help our customers achieve embodied carbon targets.”  

To put the numbers into context, DECO’s avoided emissions equates to approximately, driving 5,280 kilometres in a petrol-fuelled car* or the amount of carbon absorbed by over 27,000 tree seedlings grown for 10 years**.

Learn more about LocAl Green here.  

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