DECO Renews ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation

After passing our recertification audit with flying colours, DECO Australia have once again renewed our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation. 

ISO 9001:2015 is an international quality management standard, which assesses quality management principles and systems across the business to ensure quality and high standards are consistently upheld. A recertification of this standard means that DECO continue to prove ourselves as a trusted Australian supplier, dedicated to upholding the values of continuous improvement, customer focus and process approach across all activities. 

International certification body DNV carried out DECO’s recertification audit in May 2022, assessing DECO’s operations, procedures and Quality Management System – and we are proud to report that they found no non-conformances with the standard. DECO was issued with a new certificate, renewing our status as an accredited business. 

We are proud to have once again achieved a positive result in our ISO 9001 audit,’ said DECO Australia General Manager Richard Hamber. 

‘We have a robust, thorough and comprehensive Quality Management System, which covers every aspect of our business, and we are dedicated to the pursuit of continuous improvement to the business, which we work on regularly. To keep receiving such positive reviews from our auditors highlights just how strong our commitment to quality is – and that high level of quality is something our customers can expect and rest assured by.’

The ISO 9001 standard is a highly valued accreditation across the architectural, construction, defence, engineering, manufacturing and processing sectors, and it highlights that we are committed to delivering products and finishing services of the highest possible quality to meet your specific needs.

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