DECO’s Solution: How to stop waste in decking

What creates wastage in decking?

You may not know this, but the average wastage when using any decking material is 15 to 20%. Depending on the size of your decking project, this wastage could be even more. This may come as a shock to some who have spent a significant amount of money on their deck and aren’t utilising the whole amount of this quality product.

Until now, the joining of two pieces of DecoDeck together required a joist. If the spacing between each joist were 600mm, it was conceivable that 500mm or 13% of each length was to be wasted. Depending on the size and configuration of the deck, there could be even more…

DECO, being the innovators that we strive to be, discovered a remarkable solution to reduce wastage. This product is now available to all our decking customers. 

A brilliant invention 

The DecoDeck Joiner is a piece of aluminium designed to join two pieces of DecoDeck anywhere, including between joists, to achieve almost 100% material utilisation. What does this mean for our customers? Not only are our customers using all the product paid for, but the option to fully utilise all the material is equivalent to a 15 to 20% saving. 

This is a unique product to DECO and is available to purchase for a small cost when ordering your DecoDeck.

Did you know: Composites and timber decks require 450mm centre joists, whereas a DecoDeck requires 600mm centre joists, resulting in a cost saving on the subfloor. 

To find out more please contact the DECO team at 02 9603 1888 or contact your local sales representative

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