DecoDeck: Comfortable for Aussie Bare Feet

Being able to kick off their shoes and enjoy their backyard deck is a must for Australians – especially during summer. But as we all know, this can get uncomfortable, particularly on a very hot day when the deck has heated up to burning temperatures beyond that of the actual weather forecast!. 

Understanding the reasons why many decks get so hot and heat up to incredible temperatures or result in hotter and cooler patches, is the first step in finding the right decking material for your deck project.

This summer, choose a deck that will save your soles a whole lot of discomfort! Here’s how the popular decking materials stack up when it comes to heat:



Timber is Australia’s most popular decking material. For decades, people have desired that traditional Australian deck aesthetic, which is achieved with timber’s warm colours and natural appearance. Although timber decks look lovely, timber rates highly as an insulating material, which means it has poor transmission properties and can hold heat for long perods of time. This makes it poor at dissipating heat in full sun – so on a hot day, the deck’s heat will concentrate, making it virtually impossible to walk on with bare feet.


Composites are made from a combination of materials, including recycled and new plastics, wood chips and sawdust from timber, mixed together with glue and extruded to form the shape of a decking board. Like timber, plastics are poor transmitters of heat. Composite decking materials retain heat and become very hot when exposed to full sun. Homeowners frequently complain that they are unable to walk on composite decks at all with bare feet – even on only moderately warm days. 

Powder-Coated Solid Aluminium

Contrary to what you might expect from metal, aluminium is very good at dissolving heat. This means when it is exposed to full sun, an aluminium deck will spread heat evenly across its boards rather than concentrating it, and quickly adjust to the surrounding temperature. The underside of an aluminium deck is in shade and therefore cooler, so the heat from the sun shining on an aluminium deck is transmitted through the aluminium and dissipated on the underside of the deck. This means that aluminium decks are comfortable to walk on in bare feet – even on a hot day.


DecoDeck – the deck designed for Aussie bare feet

DecoDeck, the timber-look aluminium deck by DECO Australia, is the ideal decking option for Aussies who love timber decks, but hate burning their feet every time they step outside. DecoDeck always remains at the ambient temperature, so on an average Australian summer day, it will not exceed the temperature of the air. Even on extreme days, such as 40-degree days, DecoDeck will reach around 40 degrees, while other decks which concentrate heat, such as timber and composites, will reach much higher temperatures. 

With a range of timber-look finishes available to match your favourite hardwood aesthetics, DecoDeck allows you to recreate that traditional Aussie deck you love – minus the pain! 

Thinking of building a deck? Download our FREE White Paper: Thinking Long Term: Evaluating Decking Materials, for a comprehensive guide to the pros and cons of different decks. 

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