DecoSplash Custom Splashback

Customer: Bianca 
Location: Hervey Bay, QLD
Design: Custom

After finding a must have wallpaper during her travels in England, Bianca turned to DecoSplash to fulfil her kitchen dreams. Bianca said as soon as she found the wallpaper, she knew it was the perfect design for her splashback.

“While travelling in England, I came across the most beautiful wallpaper and wanted it as my splashback.  When this information was given to our builders, they said it was impossible due to health and safety standards for heat protection as it was going behind the oven. I visited a friend who had purchased a splashback from DecoSplash and she informed me that I could choose any design I wanted”.  

DecoSplash is made of 100% solid aluminium that is completely non-combustible. The powder coated finish is unaffected by the heat from a cooktop and is also a very good conductor of heat. Any heat produced from cooking will be evenly dispersed across the splashback, and will remain at a safe temperature.

“I contacted DecoSplash and they got right onto helping me create my dream. Everyone has commented on how beautiful and unusual it is”. The DecoSplash process features photographic precision, with the ability to pick up on subtle variations in colour. If the image of your chosen design is of a high enough resolution, the result will be too.

Have a design in mind? Contact the DecoSplash team to discuss whether the image you have selected fits the criteria. 

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