DecoSplash Q&A with Julie

Location: South Australia

When Julie wanted to add a feature statement to her contemporary kitchen, she was determined to use the DecoSplash product. Find out what she loved about her splashback and how she found the experience.


Why did you select DecoSplash for your kitchen splashback? 

I saw it advertised in the Selector Newsletter which was emailed to me. It was the best splashback solution I could find anywhere for my new house. One pattern in particular I loved and was perfect for my needs.

How did you receive the splashback?

My splashback was delivered to my new house. It was well packed and protected with a strong support frame. The splashback displayed exactly the colours I hoped for - just as I had requested. 

How did you find the installation process? Did you use an installer?

My builder organised his maintenance man to install it. This he did quite easily despite his trepidations (he hadn’t done one before), by fixing it straight on to a plasterboard wall behind the cooktop as I had specified.

What design did you choose and why? 

I chose Espana because the pattern and colours beautifully compliment the style and colours of my kitchen and house. I also have stainless steel benchtop splashbacks butting up to it either side. The builder was surprised to see how well it all went together and how good it looks.

How have you found your splashback so far?

It is brilliant. So easy to keep clean and all my visitors notice it. I always receive compliments about how great it looks. DecoSplash has fully met all my expectations.

What have other people said about your new splashback?

My visitors usually say it is a great feature to my kitchen and that they haven’t seen one quite like it before. They always ask if it’s easy for me to keep clean. It looks great when I turn on the range-hood lights above it.



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